Why Should you Use Influencer Marketing?

Today, it is extra important for companies to create brand awareness and marketing materials that engage and attract customers, especially in today’s retail and e-commerce space, it becomes extra important not to fall into the noise that is available online. One way to do this is influencer marketing.

Collaborating with influencers is a great way to get information out quickly and easily when it comes to campaigns, for example, about introducing a new brand, redirecting an old product, selling or distributing discount codes or offers.

Compared to more traditional advertising and public relations activities, a collaboration with an influencer generates good value for money, especially when the aim is to reach a certain target group.

Influencers generate sales and this is one of the reasons why so many companies want to use their channels for their marketing. Influencers are a trusted voice and it turns out that consumers trust their words more than the brand itself.

It is therefore a recipe for success to work with an influencer to communicate your brand message instead of using traditional advertising.

There is a reason why they are called influencers, 84% of consumers make their purchases after reading about the product or service on a website or blog.

How is influencer marketing going?

It’s simple, we help you find the right influencer and then create the Influencer high quality and engaging content in their channels. This is good for your brand because influencers can, and often do, create user-generated content about a brand that can then be used on your own platforms.

Influencers work exclusively in digital channels and have developed an ability to communicate in a way that makes their followers feel committed to a brand’s vision and message.

The influencer handles the communication for you to build a relationship between your brand and its followers. That way you don’t have to tell yourself how good your product or service is.

Sales generation begins as soon as the influencer speaks or writes about your product or service. The end result is governed by the length of the campaign and the type of channel used.

However, it is important to remember that you do not own the content in collaboration with influencers and therefore cannot be used, shared, edited or published without the permission and approval of the influencer.

The outcome of Influencer marketing collaboration?

In addition to already presented benefits, collaboration with influencers generates increased traffic to your platforms, which is important as it shows that consumers are moving through the sales steps and engaging with the brand.

Increased traffic to the platform also creates greater opportunities to convert more leads. If you think of leads as your potential customers, working with an influencer is crucial to successfully converting them.

When a consumer notices a product on the influencer’s platform, it is easier to convert it to a paying customer. Other benefits of Influencer marketing are that it not only drives traffic to your website, web store or social media but also helps to improve SEO, Search Engine Optimization, and backlink.

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