What Will The Future Of Influencer Marketing Look Like? (Infographic)

What Will The Future Of Influencer Marketing Look Like? (Infographic)

  • 86 percent of women turn to social networks before making a purchase.
  • 71 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on a social media reference.
  • 57 percent of beauty and fashion companies use influencers as part of their marketing strategies, while an additional 21 percent are also planning to add this strategy to their campaigns in 2017.

Are you convinced yet that influencer marketing is something to count on in the future of marketing?

Influencer marketing is becoming a natural part of more brands marketing strategies.

This is simply because it has shown to be so effective.

I let the statistics make most of the noise but it’s no wonder why influencer marketing is gaining traction quicker than ever while at the same time traditional ads such as display ads on billboards and on television are losing their efficiency.

Marketing will always be needed for brands to reach their potential customers and target audience. What is ever-changing is what kind of sources are being used to reach that audience.

Brand’s number one focus in marketing is making the ROI as high as possible and that’s exactly what influencer marketing help brands do.

The key to generating a high ROI is making the marketing campaign targeted.

Making it as targeted as possible is very difficult but some marketing sources can provide a better targeting.

Influencer marketing is one of them.

Just compare a billboard ad and an influencer marketing campaign.

How can you know who will watch the billboard?

The owner of the billboard is basically charging “per view” which means that you have to pay for every person that sees the ad. Even if they couldn’t care less about your brand and product.

Billboards are a great example of a marketing source where it’s hard to know who actually have seen the ad.

Influencer marketing on the hand is completely different.

With the Veloce Network directory, you filter through thousands of influencers based on your brand’s preferences so you can be certain you are reaching your target audience.

Below, you can find an infographic regarding the future of influencer marketing and things to consider in order to improve your future influencer marketing campaigns.

What Will The Future Of Influencer Marketing Look Like? (Infographic)

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