4 Quick but Powerful Tips on Influencer Marketing

There have been a few reports of fake influencers over the years. Influcners who fake their influence and buys fake social media followers. It’s about advertising fraud and what happens is that an advertiser pays to expose their brand to potential customers who don’t actually exist.

What exists are cure farms with companies behind that feed on creating fake followers, inventive comments and fake perceptions of engagement.

In the overall media cost follow-up, this disappears to a worse effect on invested money. How many caves dig into the numbers on a nitty gritty level of likes and comments in a way that they actually find these thieves? Because that’s what they are.

We turn to it instead and look at how we can protect ourselves from fake influencers. It’s about taking back control of one’s brand and business. Here are four tips that will make your company the one that shines with your influencer collaborations.

1. Do your homework properly.

Does the influencer fit into your brand? Read posts, look at comments, and Google their names. It’s a shame if a blogger has two million followers but only ten likes and one comment on each post. In addition, if the commentaries are in a foreign language, completely irrelevant and the follower does not have a picture then you want to be careful.

2. Agreement.

Clear agreements where your core values ​​are clear, what you expect for delivery, what it will cost and whether it is an exclusive collaboration or not are examples of parts to be included in a cooperation agreement. Think about image rights – if it’s launching in November, the influencer or network may not use the images in October.

This should be obvious but funny enough, many people assume that the influencer should understand anyway. Create genuine business relationships with waterproof agreements. If you need help look at our contract recommendations.

3. Internal anchorage.

Do not miss the internal anchorage. Could it be that this fits very well with how HR thinks about employer branding and you can optimize campaigns so that it also works internally?

Don’t forget the most important customer contact- customer service. Tell them how you think they can strengthen the brand even more in their communication with customers. Use your own channels, mail, site, Facebook, Instagram everything you can think of.

The influencer is happy because it also strengthens their brand and you make sure you let the influencer become a content provider, a win win.

4. Dare to test.

Finally have fun! A good influencer collaboration can produce fantastic results for both the brand and the sales figures. Give the influencer freedom in his creativity. Genuine and relevant campaigns will then be created.

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