What is Influencer Marketing?

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is about working with influential people who have a strong network and high reliability in the area your brand is involved in. By getting these so-called influencers to market your brand through their social media you reach a dedicated audience directly on home.

At the same time, marketing with influencers becomes authentic as it is woven into the consumer’s natural everyday life. Influecer marketing is controlled buzz marketing.

How does a collaboration work?

We provide the influencers that are most appropriate for your brand. Together with you, Interlaced Influencers will agree on a collaborative concept. As big or small as you wish, through the channels considered best for the campaign.

After just over 5,000 collaborations, we have easy to come up with quirky texts that best catch the eye of the reader. Through our effective marketplace, you as an advertiser can meet and match with thousands of quality assured influencers on your own, or with our help.

Why you should use influencer marketing:

As many as 84 percent of all consumers rely on recommendations from people they know.

You know which audience you reach when choosing the influencer and that it is well-tuned since it has already chosen to follow the influencer

Content is naturally woven into the consumer’s everyday flow as it is on social media they are today.

Influencers increase the chance of spread and reach out to places where ads do not reach.

The marketing becomes authentic when the influencer is allowed to participate in creating the creative content

You can reuse the creative material the influencer creates in your company’s own channels.

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