Top 4 Ways to Become an Instagram Influencer

Top 4 Ways to Become an Instagram Influencer

Social media can be used by anyone but not everyone becomes social media influencers. It is what you do your your Instagram and how you grow it that will determine if you become influential enough.

The first step of becoming an Instagram influencer is building your audience. If you don’t have an audience, you’re not influencing people and therefore, no brands will want to work with you.

Becoming an influencer is however not only about your following. Your audience needs to be engaged and you have to stand out from the rest of the influencer noise if you want to reach any larger success as an influencer.

Everyone can buy a few thousand fake followers for their Instagram account and call themselves an influencer but not many can build a true social media presence and leave a long-lasting impact on their followers.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the things needed to become an Instagram influencer

Top 4 Ways to Become an Instagram Influencer

1. Build your audience

Being an influencer, you need to have a pretty decent following. There’s no going around that.

It’s hard to define an exact number on how many followers you need to become an influencer but generally, you must have at least 1K followers but preferably over 10K followers. Have in mind however that follower count isn’t everything. It is better to have 5K followers with a great engagement than 10K followers with a lousy engagement.

The complete guide to gaining followers on Instagram will teach you all the tricks and tricks to growing your Instagram page.

2. Be unique

More and more people are becoming Instagram influencers which mean that the competition of getting people’s attention is greater.

When the supply for influencers increases, the competition between influencers of landing sponsor contracts with brands gets bigger as well.

This is why you need to be unique as an influencer. As more influencers are available, brands are getting pickier with who they choose to collaborate with. By being unique and standing out from the crowd, you’ll not only have more success with brands but you’ll also have a more easy time growing your followers.

3. Quality over quantity

As an influencer, the quality of your posts is more important than the quantity. Avoid posting just for the sake of posting. Think carefully before you post anything. Ask yourself “will my followers like this?” “Will they care about what I’m about to post?” “How relevant is it for my followers?” and then last but not least “Am I providing my followers with any value with this post?

What is the Ultimate Amount of Posts You Should Publish on Instagram? should help you get a slightly better insight on how many posts you can or should make on Instagram each day.

When it comes to quality, do think about the quality itself as well. It’s 2017 and nobody likes to see blurry or low-quality images in their feeds. If you’re planning to post a blurry or low-quality image on Instagram – don’t! It will only decrease the overall quality of your feed and probably result in a bunch of unfollows.

4. Tell a story

Storytelling is important no matter who you are or what you do. Everyone has a story.

Storytelling is so much more than just telling your followers a random story with very little truth in it. Storytelling is also so much more than just rambling on about something that you yourself aren’t quite understanding.

Storytelling should (when done correctly) connect you and your audience in a genuine and different way, making them more interested and supportive.

One very effective way is to be open about your personal struggles and what you’ve gone through. This will display a completely new side of you that shows that you are just as vulnerable as them.

Storytelling on Instagram has shown to be able to generate great results engagement wise. By storytelling about your personal life and struggles, you make your followers feel more deeply connected. It’s difficult to create this feeling of connection with one single image but with storytelling, you take your engagement to a completely different level.


Everyone can become an influencer. You just need to know the steps and things you have to do to reach that level.

Follow the steps above and execute on a daily basis and you’ll have the potential of becoming an Instagram influencer.

But don’t think for one second that it won’t take blood, sweat, and tears. And of course, time and consistency.

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