How to Become a Social Media Influencer

Behind every successful influencer lies hard work and a love for their followers. We give you 9 tips on how to succeed in establishing yourself as a a successful social media influencer.

1. Niche yourself

Are you funny, great at makeup, have a great interest in plants or maybe passionate about fitness? To etablish yourself as a thought leader, you need to become an expert in a specific field.

Find exactly what you are good at and focus on just that. To become a successful influencer requires perseverance and hard work – it is therefore very important that you are passionate about what you choose so that you do not lose interest yourself.

2. Find your target audience

Determine your target audience. The better you have on your followers, the greater the chance of success. Knowing what your fans appreciate makes it much easier to create successful material.

3. Adapt yourself

It may be smart to choose a main channel that you focus on most. For example, it could be a blog, an Instagram account or a YouTube channel. Make sure the material you post; images, videos, audio recordings or texts are adapted to the platform you use. It looks much more professional. If you want to use several platforms, the material may need to be adapted accordingly.

4. Update regularly

Once you are up and running, it is important to update the flow regularly. Several times a day if possible. It doesn’t have to be long novels or a whole photo album. Minor – but professional and thoughtful – updates go a long way.

5. Spread your channel

Followers will not automatically find your channel. Make sure to promote you in several different ways. You can, among other things, ask to write guest posts with another influencer, comment frequently on similar accounts and spread your channel on several platforms.

6. Listen to your followers

Take care and listen to your followers. Your fans are the most important thing. By publishing entertaining material that fits your audience, you will get more likes, shares and comments.

7. Optimize

Make sure that SEO optimizes your material, make use of trendy hashtags and keywords as well as links. Then chances are more people will find your channel.

8. Be personal

Be personal and genuine when posting material. This leads to a dedicated and dedicated fanbase. They are people just like you.

9. Promote what you believe in

You make money mainly by promoting company products and services on your channel. Make sure it aligns with your channel and what you stand for. It can be quick to ravage a rumor with an ill-considered decision.

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