That is Why You Win In A Ongoing Plan For Influencer Marketing

That is Why You Win In A Ongoing Plan For Influencer Marketing

Going to the gym once will not give you much muscle, and filling the subway with your brand for a week will not make people remember you in the long run. In the same way, an ongoing approach is required for your influencer marketing if you want to be able to achieve a long-term result. In this blog post, we tell you why and what to think about!

Every day we are bombarded by thousands of messages and therefore it is important as a brand to constantly remind yourself to see the effect. It often takes a few months before you see results in your marketing efforts, and influencer marketing is no exception. Even if, for example, there is a sales peak or immediate conversions, continuity and patience are required to see long-term results.

To create the best ongoing layout for influencer marketing, it is important to have a long-term approach – just like for your other marketing. Start from the overall goals and plan for the whole year and evaluate how influencer marketing should be able to deliver according to your goals. You always want to find the one that gives the best effect, and it is important to consider influencer marketing as a powerful alternative to your other channels – not just as a bonus.

Based on the customer’s buying behavior and periods during the year

It is common for marketing for companies to go in cycles during the year, when you choose to focus on different aspects of the business. Which periods of the year are important to you? What does your customers’ buying behavior look like during the year? Does it differ between seasons or in other intervals? Think also of trends that run in general during the year – how can you, for example, ride the training wave that inevitably always comes in January? Which holidays or other periods are important for your company in general?

On some occasions you may spend the most on marketing the product and service itself, while on other occasions there may be greater value in talking about the company’s values, CSR or sustainability thinking. Communication varies over the year – and so should your collaboration with influencers.

Different types of influencers may be relevant at different times of the year. Influencers operate in a plethora of different interest categories and segments, and their respective focus has an impact on your brand in as many different ways. An advantage of activating different types of influencers is also that you can reach different target groups, if that is one of your goals.

Continuous influencer marketing affects credibility

Your brand is often influenced in a positive direction through collaborations with influencers. So what if you only show up in their feed once? Probably nothing. A brand that is seen with noise and crash for a couple of weeks with some influencers and then disappears without a trace will never make a long-term impression on followers. Your credibility is thus affected not only by which influencers you work with, but also by how often you do it. With continuity, you build trust with the followers, who understand that you are to be trusted (because their idol does it!) – and at the same time you appear stronger than the competitor who may only dare to bet once.

Can influencers give better results than traditional channels?

In the end, all marketing boils down to three things: how many you reach, what effect you get, and at what price. Through good commercials in an established channel such as TV, you can increase brand love, and make your brand more lovable to the target group. But how do you know that influencer marketing does not do this as well – or maybe even better?

The question in the title above is therefore the most important thing to ask yourself when working with influencer marketing. It does not matter much if you are continuously working campaign-based towards a specific goal, or if you have a more always-on marketing month by month – influencer marketing works in both contexts. The most important thing is to evaluate the channel based on the same parameters as your other marketing, and ensure that influencers can complement your efforts throughout the year, based on your overall goals.

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