Take Market Shares with Influencer Marketing!

Take Market Shares with Influencer Marketing!

What do you want to accomplish with your influencer marketing?

A common mistake is to want to accomplish everything at once, and that is seldom a good idea. Therefore, be clear about setting a goal that you then work from. Most influencers have one or at most a couple of strengths, so make sure that the choice of influencers matches your goal. Below we go through some of the most common KPIs in an influencer marketing campaign:


Build a brand

Working with influencers is an effective way to build your brand, this as you get the chance to be associated with people who themselves have a strong brand, and who have a good relationship with their followers, who with the right matching are the same as your target group. We have probably all at some point received a recommendation from a friend, and of course it has a higher credibility than when companies themselves raise their benefits. A professional influencer knows how valuable the close relationship with his followers is, and spends many hours each day interacting with followers. In this way, they build a strong relationship, and it is precisely the relationship that creates a large part of the value, because trust gives them a strong ability to influence and inspire their followers. When you as a brand work with an influencer, you thus get the opportunity to reach your target group via a person that the followers look up to, and you thus get the opportunity to ride on the wave of trust and personal contact that the influencer has often built up over many years. , an effective shortcut to quickly reach your target audience through the marketing funnel, from awareness to purchase.

Create user-generated content

Many brands today understand the value of user-generated content. This is because it is a type of content that we are used to consuming and do not see as advertising, but instead voluntarily seek out and be inspired by. As a company, arranging photography yourself and in that case renting a studio or going to a suitable place for photography, hiring a photographer, possibly a couple of models, hiring stylists, editors and editors etc. is of course both costly and incredibly time consuming. An influencer is this production agency in one, and solves the entire production from idea to finished content. When you collaborate with influencers, immediately highlight if one of the most important KPIs is just user-generated content, they often view positively that the content they create is used in more contexts, such as in your social media, in newsletters or on websites, or in paid ads digitally. One of the values ​​of working with influencers is also to be associated with them and their brand, and by continuing to use their content, you build an even closer association, which is also an important aspect. Influencers content is a goldmine, so do not miss to reuse it!

Conversion, sales, sign ups or app downloads

Promoting conversion through influencers is a goal that many of our customers have, and it is definitely something you can do very successfully, but there the selection is incredibly important for the outcome of the collaboration. Read more about selection here. Unlike if you are primarily looking for user-generated content where you can make a large part of the selection just by scrolling in the influencer’s feed to form an idea of ​​tonality and skill purely photographically, it requires that you take others more hidden aspects to consider when choosing influencers who will most likely be able to drive sales or signups. Therefore, be very careful when you make the selection, and let it take time so that it will be really right. Commitment can be a guide, but it is not entirely decisive either. Looking at historical results is of course the absolute best, and that kind of data we at Beatly have the luxury of having collected during thousands of collaborations, but for those who do not have this data, a tip is to ask the influencer himself if it has any previous results that it can share. Here it is also important to test yourself, and then a smart method is not to put all the eggs in the same basket, but to minimize the risk of it going wrong by spreading the risk and working with many smaller influencers, to see who goes best and simply continue and work with these going forward.

Which KPI is most important for your brand can of course vary from time to time, and many companies also do different campaigns to meet different KPIs. The influencer who creates the finest content may not drive a lot of sales, but possibly paid ads like you do on this influencer’s content do. Another influencer may have the ability to drive huge amounts of sales, but creates content that does not feel completely in the middle of nowhere for you. Dare to test yourself and learn along the way how to create something that will be optimal for you!

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