Statistics You Should Know About Influencer Marketing (Infographic)

Statistics You Should Know About Influencer Marketing (Infographic)

Things in the marketing world are changing quickly. Very quickly.

People’s attention is moving from television and radio to the digital world, where social media plays a big role.

And it is very clear that this evolution has evolved rapidly. Just 5 years ago, people were using what was back then called smartphones even though they were mostly used as means of texting and calling each other.

Today, the use of smartphones has been completely revolutionized, becoming a tool people use to access social media platforms and chatting apps more than anything else, for example using regular cell phone wire to make a call. What was your home number again? Not happening much longer.

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Just a few days ago, I was at the airport waiting for my flight, and it hit me how much of people’s attention is in the smartphones. I passed a waiting hall where a group of 15 girls sat. Not one of them did not use their smartphone. Every single one of them sat there and scrolled their feed, looking at people they followed on various social media platforms. And very likely, they came across posts from an influencer.

Marketing is quickly evolving

Back in the days, there was nothing called influencers, however, there were people with influence. And back then just like today, people looked up to those people with influence and wanted to be like them, wear the same clothes etc. Those people with influence were often movie stars or famous musicians.

While people still look up to celebrities today, the real impact is made by influencers.

The reason to that is that influencers are more trusted and have more credibility than celebrities, which ultimately leads to better marketing results, and overall more powerful email marketing campaigns for brands.

While people were mainly impacted in by celebrities back in the days, people are influenced by social media influencers today.

In fact, 92% of individuals trust recommendations from people, even if they don’t know them, over brands. This goes to show how difficult it is for a brand to have any real impact by doing their own speaking. Instead, those brands who have realized the potential of influencer marketing have started to use influencers to do the speaking for them, and in that way gain credibility in a way that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

In addition, 71% of consumers say they have an improved perception of a brand when there are positive reviews on social media. And, 81% of people say they are influenced by what their friends share on social media.

All of these statistics just goes to show how much impact have on social media, and that social media has the power of completely changing people’s shopping habits with the help of influencers.

To learn more about how influencer marketing is evolving and the statistics behind it, read the infographic below.


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