Influencer Marketing – Why It Works!

Influencer Marketing – Why It Works!

Influencer marketing has become a widely liked and well-used way to market your services and products. Which is not particularly strange as the results surpass traditional marketing by far. But why? At present, the majority of all consumers have greater confidence in influencers than they have in traditional advertising. According to Forbes, the figure is as high as 92%.

The statistics that speak for influencer marketing benefits are extensive, which leads to the simple assumption that it is the most effective alternative. But, the interesting thing is perhaps rather to take a closer look at why influencer marketing works as well as it does.

It’s about human psychology

The relationship created between an influencer and its followers has a high parasocial interaction. It is a term used more in English but is to this day what best describes the phenomenon between influencers and their followers. It was coined in the 50’s in the United States to describe the people’s relationship to celebrities on television.

The more you see and interact with the person through the screen, the closer you feel. There is a type of trust which in turn means that the influencer is let in to his recipient in a way that a company in traditional media had never succeeded with.

An emotional bond is created between the follower and the influencer that can be more closely compared to a friendship than anything else. That’s why influencer marketing works!

Recommendations have always been and still are the most effective marketing you can get. When the recommendation comes from an influencer, the follower will be much more inclined to accept it than if, for example, it appeared in a regular advertisement.

That’s why influencer marketing works and that’s why it’s an effective way to market yourself. Not just because they have a huge reach but because their followers see them as friends. Had you not listened to a friend?

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