Influencer Marketing And Why You Should Use It

Is the TV, radio and magazines time over? Well, maybe not. But if you want to be seen now, you have to find ways to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Influencer Marketing – Some of the benefits


If you read an advertisement in the newspaper, hear an advertising message on the radio, or see an advertisement snippet on TV – it rarely weighs as heavily as a recommendation from a friend or acquaintance, right?

Influencer marketing is about sales and brand building through credible and genuine recommendations, from ordinary people.
These “ordinary” people have over a long period of time and high dedication, built up a crowd of people who both engage in, and enjoy what the influencer creates.

Find the right audience

There are bloggers in virtually all niches, which makes it easier to reach a specific target group through influencer marketing, than through other advertising.

With traditional marketing, it is difficult to know who, and how many, who see your message, and if those who notice it may be potential customers.
With influencer marketing, you can tailor campaigns to suit the influencers who have the exact target audience you want to reach.

Where traditional advertising is stopped

Today, many people have become “dumbfounded” because advertising is largely displayed everywhere.

Bus stops, TV, radio, newspapers, E-mail and mail, are some of the places where you hear / see advertising daily.

Many people are so tired of being constantly bombarded by advertising, that they choose to switch channels when viewed on TV / radio, flip through ads in newspapers, throw out flyers, and block advertisements online … Does it feel familiar?

Traditional marketing simply doesn’t work out as well now, as it used to.
People are increasingly taking to social media for recommendations before they shop, so you want your company and its products / services to be visible – you should consider promoting these through social media, through “ordinary” people.

Influencer marketing is undoubtedly an invaluable marketing tool, though! For a collaboration to be good, more work and commitment is required than many people think.

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