How to Market Using Social Media Influencers

Marketing with the help of influencers

A strong trend in marketing in recent years is the use of influencers. However, there are many pitfalls that a company should be aware of.

Who is an influencer?

It can be a blogger, a pod personality or a youtuber. The latter is something that has increased in number and popularity in recent years, especially among children and young people. An influencer always has a multitude of followers who like what they do, and who are influenced by their idol in different ways.

There are several notable instances where bloggers have been paid to speak well about a particular brand, and dropped for it. But one should not think that only bloggers can be influencers. Just youtubers and podcasters experience by many as more real, because they can use voice mode and body language to convey their message. This is important to remember.

It is important to find an influencer who likes the brand, so that you can achieve a collaboration that feels genuine. It may be reasonably easy for a blogger to pretend to like a product, but for those who film themselves and post it on Youtube, it’s harder.

Even if it does not end up in court, the popular judgment will be harsh, and fans can turn to the brand.

Do the job professionally

You can’t find an influencer to collaborate with by proposing a lucrative agreement in the comments section during their videos on Youtube.

The smartest way is to go through a company that specializes in this form of marketing. Then you also do not risk doing anything that contradicts the laws that exist in the area, and the chances are also greater that you will achieve a collaboration that feels genuine.

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