How Physical Stores can Work with Influencer Marketing

How physical stores can work with influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing is a concept that involves working with certain people who are influential in your target group.

In e-commerce, it is extremely popular when you can create “affiliate links” that enable these brands to track the orders placed through different influences’ pages and thus optimize and replace for the marketing.

Influencer marketing in physical commerce

In stores it is more difficult to get to the same tracking flow, but you can still work effectively with influencer marketing in the store – even scarce resources.

Today, there are plenty of niche experts and other influential people on the web who do not have an excessively large following – which is highly relevant to your store. Here is a list of three examples of how you can work with influencer marketing.

Local social media influences

There may be profiles in the immediate area that are very active on social media that can help give some product news a push by posting pictures on the product and writing about where it can be purchased. It can be someone with a lot of followers on Instagram who agree that they get a product against posting x number of pictures on it in their channel.

The advantage here is that they do not have to have as many followers in order for it to become relevant for the local store to collaborate.

Everything depends on whether that person has a good influence on the target group. Nor do they learn to have the following numbers that make them approached by other influencer marketing companies through affiliate links for e-commerce. So you often avoid competition.

Tip: Find a few different pieces of these influencers and start testing and evaluating.

Niche influencers with local influence

Collaborating with regional influencers usually entails large follower numbers (and competition for the collaborations with higher reimbursement requirements as a result).

What is worth checking out, however, is whether there are niche influencers with local influence. It can, for example, be a niche blogger from another geographic location, but that your clients may follow or read. Someone who blogs about hunting with followers who might like to collaborate with a hunting store with many customers right into their target audience.

Make sure to link such collaboration to the store by, for example, print and put up flyers about the collaboration with the blogger in the store. Then something happens in the store and your customers see your cooperation with an expert which is never wrong.

Hopefully, customers who do not read the blog before and discover the product also discover (an opportunity that should be used in the negotiation with the influencer).

Tip: Connecting to one’s e-commerce is a natural step and can also work to get people to discover the store. Based on the importance you place on physical and e-commerce, you may choose to use the e-platform primarily to drive activity in the store.

You can then, for example, give the promotional code to the influencer and everyone who states it in the store gets a little give-away on the purchase. Or discount on being number two (complementary goods – so buy the shoes and get shoe polish at half the price)

Local interest groups

This point is on the verge of social media marketing and influencer marketing, but a list must have at least 3 points, so it should be left here. In social media – especially on Facebook – there are interest groups with often local roots.

These often contain committed people who can influence. If you find the right group locally then a collaboration can definitely be worth exploring. For example, it would be able to consist of an arranged theme night in the shop for this particular group or similar.

What rules apply?

influencer marketing is allowed, but remember that it is important that what is advertising is stated. That knowledge can be difficult – especially when dealing with private individuals who have not had much experience of this before. So check out the Consumer Agency to make sure it goes well. It benefits everyone.

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