Guide to Use Instagram Hashtag Feed for your Next Marketing Campaign

After the arrival of web 2.0, the scope of social media platforms has risen dramatically. The platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are helping everyone around the world to connect with each other. 

However, social media is not just limited to connecting with each other. In the last few years, social media especially Instagram has helped many businesses to grow their revenue. 

However, in the ocean of content on social, it has become difficult to narrow down the crowd. This is where Hashtags come into the picture.

Therefore in this blog, we are going to provide you with a guide to using the Instagram Hashtag feed for your next marketing campaign. So grab a cup of coffee and read this blog till the end. 

What Is Instagram Hashtags Feed?

Before jumping onto Instagram Hashtag feed, let us clear our concept with Hashtags. 

That pound (#) sign on your keyboard is the hashtag. In a more exact way, the hashtag is a keyword that is prefaced by a (#) sign without a space. Hashtags will look like this #desertoftheday. 

The best part about them is that they are clickable and discoverable.

Simply put, the Instagram Hashtag feed is a collection and curation of all the Instagram posts under the hashtags. 

Guide to Use Instagram Hashtag Feed for your Next Marketing Campaign

Brands and businesses are always looking for opportunities to market their product or services. Instagram Hashtag feeds are the best way to do this. Read this blog to know more about it. 

Display Your Instagram Hashtags Feed On Social Wall 

Instagram hashtag wall is created and displayed on screen basically at events, concerts, seminars, malls, etc, with the key purpose to create audience engagement. This also helps you in brand building. This eventually results in driving conversion rates for the brand or the event. 

For example, suppose you are opening a new branch of your restaurant in an area.  At the launch event, you can display the Instagram hashtags feed of your previous restaurant customers on the social wall. This will help you to create an impression on your visitors even without trying the dishes. 

Embed Hashtag Feeds On Website 

As a business owner, your website is the first thing that your target audience is going to notice. Therefore you have to be very mindful of what you are adding to your website. In such a scenario, we highly recommend you embed the Instagram hashtag feed on the website. This creates a seamless bridge between your website and your account. When you have this smooth integration, it helps your visitors to get to know about your hashtag campaigns. It helps you increase the brand awareness of your product or services. 

You can use any social media aggregator tools to embed an Instagram hashtag feed on website. Luckily these tools are code free. This means as a user you do not have to hire someone to manage this tool on a regular basis. These tools offer an effortless integration process using which you can complete the entire process in just a couple of minutes. 

Using the moderation panel, you can also modify your widget accordingly. 

Create A Hype With Billboards

As a business owner, it is as important to know the correct timing of product placement. 

Back 40 Designs has revealed that nearly 71% of people consciously look at billboards while driving or stuck in traffic. 

Billboards are large advertising structure that is found in high-traffic areas with busy roads.

The placement of billboards is made in such a way that they attract the audience and the attention of everyone stuck in the traffic. Since hashtags can easily be traced, it is a smart move to showcase the Instagram hashtag feed on the billboard. 

You can aggregate the content from your hashtags campaigns and display them on the billboard. This aggregated feed should contain the amalgamation of user-generated content and content under your branded hashtags. This will help you create a buzz around your brand outside the box! 

This way you can generate enough traffic for your brand using road traffic. 

Wrapping Up 

A hashtag feed might sound limiting in itself. However, it has huge potential to drive leads, sales, and revenue to your business. We have mentioned the best strategies using which you can become your customers’ favorite. While billboard is used for outdoor advertising and helps you to captivate your audience, a social wall helps you conquer event marketing. Apart from that, an Instagram hashtag feed on your website attracts the attention of your visitors. So from website traffic to road traffic, you can capture all of them by using the above-mentioned strategies. 

So don’t look any further, this is your sign to use the Instagram Hashtags feed in your next marketing campaign and watch them bolster your business in no time. 

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