7 Influencer Marketing Trends – Do You Know?

7 Influencer Marketing Trends – Do You Know?

Trends are something that has not always sounded good to everyone’s ears. However, we believe that there is great reason to keep track of trends because they usually serve as indicators of major movements in the present. Here we list the 7 biggest trends in influencer marketing this year!

Influencer marketing is without a doubt here to stay. But, like all other phenomena in our society, it is changing and the industry is constantly evolving. New trends are emerging rapidly. Therefore, it is important to keep up and from time to time update on what is happening right now.

1. Influencer marketing trends means sewing together marketing strategies

We have previously seen how a division has taken place between different strategies for online marketing. They may even have had a separate strategy for influencer marketing, content marketing and social media. Before, more and more companies understand that these are just different components of the same marketing strategy and thus combine them into one.

2. Individual campaigns turn into long-term relationships

When influencer marketing came into being, it was very common for companies to choose a suitable influencer for each campaign. Now, and especially in the future, long-term relationships will become central and all shorter collaborations will increasingly disappear.

3. We are leaving classic celebrities more and more behind us

We do not think this will come as a surprise to anyone. However, influencers have taken over the media climate to such an extent that fewer and fewer companies use classic celebrities as influencers for collaborations.

4. Instead, micro-influencers become more prominent

Instead of classic celebrities, we see that the biggest in influencer marketing of course continue to grow, but also that micro-influencers are becoming more and more popular to use.

5. Values in focus are a big part of influencer marketing trends

The fact that the brand and the influencer in question must be compatible is becoming more and more important. All consumers strongly question both companies and influencers if they believe that they do not have consistent values.

6. Video and audio are central

This may not appear as a bang in the trend list either. But video and especially audio recordings are getting bigger and bigger. We can, for example, see a large shift towards platforms such as TikTok and the like.

7. Responsibility is becoming increasingly important

Responsibility in general but specifically social and social responsibility is growing by the day. This trend puts pressure on both the influencer and the company. If an influencer collaborates with a brand that the audience does not feel takes responsibility, they will not take in the message either.

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