5 Tips for Successful Influencer Marketing

At the moment, influencer collaborations are being scrutinized a great deal and the demands on credibility are high.

Dare to release your brand and trust your influencer. Think about their readers first and foremost, they need credible content to continue to have confidence in the profile, which also benefits your collaboration.

Be open and hear what the profile would like to say about your company or your product. Don’t decide exactly which channels you want to be featured in and always be open with which other profiles are in the campaign at the same time.

5 tips for successful influencer collaborations

1. Make demands on your influencers

What do they know about their target audience? What happens to the relationship when you no longer pay for it? If you are a good match then the profile will help you develop your business. They should not only show your product, but tell them more deeply why they chose this particular product.

2. Influencers are content creators, not advertising spaces

Get involved early in the creative process around the campaign. They usually spend a lot of time on images and texts, look at how you can get the most out of the content and maybe use it in your channels.

3. What do you want from the collaboration?

Do the homework first, and the result will be much, much better. Set clear goals and then evaluate the results. Also tell your influencer or media agency what requirements you have from the top.

4. From product to service

In the past, the focus has been on product and fast conversion, but we are moving towards more and more long-term collaborations. The entire market is thinking more in the long term, which means that there is potential for making content around larger services.

The reader needs more time to be convinced to change service for, for example, finances or telephony as opposed to, for example, clicking home beauty products, therefore longer and deeper collaborations are needed.

5. Blog comeback

Formerly influencers were called bloggers. Nowadays, most influencers have a strong presence on many platforms. But social media is becoming increasingly difficult to control as the algorithms decide what is displayed. Therefore, there are some who predict that blogs will come back at a larger scale as blog posts can be search optimized, and the content remains and can be searched for a long time.

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