3 Benefits of Scaling Up Your Influencer Marketing

3 Benefits of Scaling Up Your Influencer Marketing

Despite the fact that influencer marketing is growing at record speed, the channel for many companies still constitutes a relatively small percentage of the total marketing budget. In this blog post, we list three strong benefits of scaling up your influencer marketing venture and give you some concrete examples of positive effects.

1. You get an increased presence with the target group

A common denominator for the companies that have managed to achieve successful results with the help of influencer marketing is that they work continuously and treat the channel like any other channel – for example, paid search advertising or social media advertising. Just as you do not pause and turn on your Google ads, you should not interrupt your presence with influencers who reach out to and influence your target audience. If you instead scale up your investment, you have the opportunity to be seen a little all the time – only then does your target group have a chance to build trust and brand awareness over time.

2. You have the opportunity to test different target groups, markets, product categories – you name it!

A classic motto in marketing is that the key to success is to test, test and test yourself. This is also true when it comes to influencer marketing. Therefore, another advantage of increasing your presence with the target group is that it gives you more opportunities to test different strategies to achieve the best possible results. Instead of just directing the communication to a target group in a selected market, you can test different combinations at the same time and see what gives the best results. If you sell different types of services and products, you can also test yourself on which categories work better than others – when, where, how, and to whom.

3. You create the conditions for better and faster optimization

Many companies still see influencer marketing as a channel to use mainly on selected occasions, such as at a product launch or a new clothing collection. Then each impact takes place on an ad hoc level and often based on assumptions and gut feeling in front of data. By scaling up your influencer marketing and being continuously visible to your target group, you will collect lots of data and information that can lead you in your decisions – and quite quickly you will have created good conditions to be able to determine which are exactly your success factors. . An increased presence also means that you will receive more data earlier, which means that you can optimize your activations both faster and smarter. This of course presupposes that you have good tools and methods in place.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should scale up your influencer marketing venture. Remember that with the right conditions, you can make influencer marketing a successful and profitable performance channel – you just have to come up with what exactly is your recipe for success.

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