10 Influencer Marketing Mistakes You Should Be Aware Of in 2023

Influencers and influencer marketing has become a powerful marketing method, yet it is easy to make mistakes, both as a company and as an influencer. The influencer industry continues to grow, develop and become more efficient. Many brands use this type of marketing in their marketing mix, both to build a brand and to drive pure sales.

There are infinitely many benefits to this type of marketing simply, if you do it right! So, how do you avoid these common mistakes in your influencer marketing strategy? We’re telling you here!

10 Influencer Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Influencer Strategy

1. Do not forget clear goals

Even if influencers market themselves in a more creative and different way, one must not forget that the goal of marketing is at least as important. At the same time, it must differentiate the brand, what they stand for and have visions for.

2. Choose your influencer with care

It is important for you as an entrepreneur that it should feel right with the person who will present your brand and products. It is required that the influencer understands and has similar values, goals and the right core customers to reach the target group you want to influence.

3. The influencer campaign must be delivered with concrete facts and clarity

Depending on what kind of company and how big the campaign should be, you need to adapt your content accordingly. Therefore, it is extremely important that the company has been clear about how the brand should be marketed. By structuring and setting goals before the campaign is carried out, it is made easier for both the company and the influencer, then they can contribute with cruel marketing efforts that make the company grow.

4. Have your contracts in place!

A contract protects both the influencer and the brand from any misunderstandings, errors and failures. It also clarifies expectations, reduces confusion and lack of communication. If you have a missing or incorrect contract, they can lead to the brand being damaged or campaigns being indebted. It is important to keep track of which laws and regulations apply to both you as a company and the influencer. Read more about how to always advertise correctly and legally here!

5. Influencer marketing mistakes – Lack of influencer personas

The importance of choosing the right influencer is more important than the person only having many followers on their social channels. It should be right, it should appeal to your target group and customers should be able to relate to the person you have chosen to influence them. They have the same pain points. Who do your customers turn to when looking for guidance?

6. Too much focus on sales

You definitely want the influencer to generate sales but there are other important factors that will meet your goals. Never judge solely on how much sales your campaigns succeed in generating! Equally important is that the influencer contributes to an enormous brand awareness, you also get very good material to share on your social channels. Posts along with influencers will contribute to product awareness and increase traffic to your site.

7. Insufficient knowledge

It is you as a company who has an obligation to provide good and factual knowledge about the brand to the influencer. Be clear, have examples of what the campaigns should look like, which hashtags you want the person to use and a perfect brand history. That way, the influencer can more easily get the perfect experience for your customers.

8. Not leaving room for creativity is a big mistake

As we also mentioned above about how important clarity is, it is just as important to let the influencer be creative and incorporate your products in an easy way into their everyday lives. Trust that the influencer has control over your brand and target group and let the person create authenticity and trust in your customers.

9. To see influencer marketing as a one-time campaign

If you want to achieve success by using an influencer as marketing, you must make sure to collaborate with the influencer for longer than just a one-time campaign. It creates greater trust if it is the same person who recommends your different products and who the customer can follow for a longer period.

10. Plan themes

For each campaign that is to be created, the brand needs to be clear with which theme is to emerge. Direct the theme to the product you want to highlight and what exactly it should radiate for the message. This is how you can achieve a result you are proud of and the influence clearly knows what you as a company are looking for.

By keeping track of where the biggest pitfalls are, there are good conditions for you to succeed with your influencer marketing. If you have these 10 tips with you in mind when choosing your influencer, they will lead to a so-called CTA (call to action), that the message actually leads to action!

If you, as a company, place great emphasis on the preparatory work and give the influencer the knowledge required, it benefits you and your brand. At the same time, the influencer will want to build a relationship with your brand and take on more collaborations.

Now that you have learned more about what mistakes to avoid in order to succeed, do not hesitate to use the power of influencer marketing! Get started now!

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