10 Female Social Media Influencers in The Fashion Industry

10 Female Social Media Influencers in The Fashion Industry

Looking for social media fashion influencers? Finding influencers suitable for your brand is extremely difficult, but with the right methods, it can be done with ease.

The reason why finding influencers is so difficult is that there are so many things that have to be right. It’s not difficult to just find any influencer or even people who call themselves influencer. The art is to find one that will help you achieve amazing results from your marketing campaign.

With this list of 10 social media fashion influencers, we hope that your journey and job to find an influencer for your brand can be simplified – even if just a tiny bit.

All influencers presented in this list can be found in our influencer directory that contains 3,000+ influencers that are all carefully selected based on strict criteria by our team.

This means no influencers with fake followers, no influencers with a low engagement, and no influencers without a true influence over people.

1. Meredith Dwyer – @meredithdwyer

Fashion influencers social media

2. Анна Романова – @annaromanova_

List of social media influencers social media

3. kallie branciforte – @kallie_branciforte

Social media influencer directory

4. Giara Dionova – @giaradionova

Free list of social media fashion influencers

5. Megan Runion – @meganrunionmcr

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6. Krystal Faircloth – @apinchoflovely

Social media influencers social media

7. Swantje Soemmer – @offwhite.swan

Social media influencers Veloce influencer directory

8 . ANASTASIA MELIKHOVA – @melikhovalook

Social media influencer list

9. lily Maymacap – @lilymaymac

List of fashion influencers social media

10. Michelle Salas – @michellesalasb

Free list of fashion influencers

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