Aout the Mid Group’s Founder Sahel Majali

About the Mid Group’s Founder Sahel Majali

The Mid Group comprises several subsidiary companies, including Mid Contracting UK, Sterling Living, Mid Consulting, and Sterling BIM. The Mid Group is one of the UK’s most dynamic and innovative construction companies, providing offsite solutions to help clients achieve optimum value from their investments.

The Mid Group’s Projects

Herschel Street

Mid Contracting, Mid Consulting and Sterling BIM have been commissioned by Click Properties to work on the Herschel Street construction project, designed to deliver 238 new homes in Slough.

The Mid Group has implemented a volumetric offsite solution, enabling 70% of construction to be undertaken offsite within a controlled factory environment, meaning that the project can be completed much faster and with less disruption to residents than traditional solutions.

Charles Simmons House

Located in Islington, London, the Charles Simmons House project involves the demolition of existing structures and the development of new buildings. The site is located over live Network Rail and London Underground tunnels, as well as a major sewer.

The Mid Group have been involved in the Charles Simmons House project since its early stages, advising the local authority client on buildability issues. The Mid Group’s approach has been to streamline building solutions, facilitating construction in a simpler format to avoid disruption to underlying tunnels and local services.

Upon completion, the new building will feature a number of new residential apartments, as well as a retail unit and a new community centre.

Stonebridge Primary School

In November 2017, the Mid Group was commissioned to oversee the Stonebridge Primary School Project in the London Borough of Brent. The project involved the construction of a new teaching block, library and hall, as well as refurbishing the existing Grade II-listed school building.

About Sahel Majali

The Mid Group was founded by Sahel Al Majali, former Chairman and Managing Director of Mid Contracting Jordan. His contributions to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan have been recognised with several prestigious awards and honours, including the King Abdullah Award for Excellence, as well as the Order of Independence, Grade 3.

Mr Majali has more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry and an in-depth understanding of digital construction technologies. He studied at University College London, graduating in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering. He also attended the George Washington University in the United States, where he earned an MEA a year after graduating, majoring in Construction Management.

Sahel Majali’s main goal for the Mid Group is to establish the organization as the UK’s best construction company. 

To find out more about this leading figure in BIM and other construction technologies, visit the Sahel Majali blog.

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