How to Build a Brand with Content Marketing

How to Build a Brand with Content Marketing

Brand building is about establishing and maintaining personal relationships between the company and potential and existing customers in the long term, and social media can be an effective way to achieve this – not just “business to consumer” but also “business to business”.

Think about brand as a concept. And consider how content marketing can be used to build and strengthen your brand. In this article, we will go through the top tips for building a brand with content marketing.

A brand is an essential part of a company because a brand services as a hook that evokes the emotions of a client every time they see it.

Brand creates value

When a brand creates a feeling among potential and existing customers of belonging to the company or product or service to which the brand refers, then they have succeeded in creating a brand. The purpose, of course, is to distinguish it in a positive way from competing alternatives and to instill a will to choose this alternative and be loyal.

There are many ways to get there. It is based on creating value in one or some of the following dimensions:

  • Conscience – contributions, service, morals
  • Social – connection, acceptance, attention, recognition, reputation
  • Development – creativity, learning, achievement
  • Participation – knowledge, control, participation, self-realization
  • Engagement – surprise, laughter, inspiration
  • Aesthetic – look and feel
  • Physical – well-being, attractiveness, safety
  • Time – save time, earn time
  • Financial – prosperity, security
  • Performance – comparable

So basically, brand building is about creating value for potential and existing customers with the help of these.

Branding – building brand

Branding – building a brand – is about purposefully giving potential and existing customers far beyond the value of the generic product or service.

But how are these values ​​created and delivered? In everything associated with the brand. It can be anything from discovering the product category, curiously exploring the area and factually exploring alternatives to making the purchase, getting the product delivered and getting started using it. Everything from the benefit a product gives to the feeling of owning or consuming it. And everything from getting the promised benefit, discovering the added value and much more.

A company’s marketing communication around its own product or services is a very large part of what is associated with the brand. Creating a position for a brand in the minds of customers is the main, if not the only, purpose of marketing communication.

Therefore, one of the most effective and best ways to build and strengthen a positive brand is to create value already in market communication. And that’s exactly the idea of ​​content marketing.

Build a brand with a blog and social media

But using a blog to focus on self-produced content that the target group finds interesting, educational or entertaining is a very effective way to build a brand. And social media can be used to communicate about interesting articles and blog posts that others have written (so-called content curation).

By regularly publishing interesting articles, you can build up traffic, show your expertise, become a thought leader, and provide value to your audience.

The advantage of just blogging and social media is that it is easy and cheap to get started. And it gets a big effect pretty quickly.

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