E-commerce Tips: How To Improve Your Client’s Experience

E-commerce Tips: How To Improve Your Client’s Experience

In this digital age, most businesses rely heavily on e-commerce. Whether you are a huge corporation or a small independent business, you need to have an excellent e-commerce system, if you want to be successful. What makes an e-commerce system successful is based almost entirely on your client’s experience. This article aims to give you some tips on how to improve your client’s experience when using your e-commerce website.

Streamline Your Content Creation

The first thing a customer is going to notice when they visit your online store is what it looks like. That initial impression can be the difference between making a sale or not. To ensure that your website looks the part you need to be able to update the content on it in an efficient way.

As mentioned on creativeforce.io, you can streamline your photo uploading and editing by using dedicated online studios. This can help speed up the process of adding new product lines and editing anything that is currently on your site. By streamlining your content creation you are setting yourself up for success and enabling a better client experience. 

Make Your Website User Friendly

All websites should be designed with a user in mind. They must be easy to navigate and it should be simple to find what they are looking for. Occasionally when you are designing a website, you might get bogged down in having some snazzy functionality. This might make the webpage a little dense and hard to use.

Try to take a step back and have people trial it with fresh eyes and see what their experience is of it. If any customer is at all confused by using your website then you need to fix what is confusing. Having a user-friendly website is one of the best ways to improve your client’s experience. 

Optimize Your Website For Mobile

Although you may consider your main e-commerce store to be web-browser-based, a large number of your customers will likely end up on your website on their phones. More and more people are on the go and are looking to buy things from their phones. If your website does not work properly on a mobile device then you have essentially just lost a lot of sales.

These days it is relatively easy to design a website so that it works across all platforms but you must make sure that the user experience is as good on mobile and computer. If you want to have a successful e-commerce store and improve your client’s experience then you have to optimize your website for mobile.

Build A Community On Social Media

The experience a client has of your business is based on a lot of different factors. One of the components is the community surrounding your store. This will mainly be evidenced through your social media presence and customers will want to feel part of the group.

Running competitions and rewarding customers for sharing your products on social media is a great way to get free advertising and has the added benefit of making your customers feel like they are part of your gang. Building a great community on social media is an awesome way to improve your client’s experience. 

Send Clear And Useful Emails

Marketing emails have been used for many years to great effect. However, overly sales-y and repetitive emails can irritate customers and make them unsubscribe from your list. You are far better off sending fewer emails that are clearer and more useful to the customer. Even better than sending out just straight sales emails would be to publish a blog post about a relevant subject that may be of interest to your customers. Sending out clear and useful emails is going to improve your client’s experience greatly.

Simplify The Purchasing Process

It is all well and good having a website that looks great and that works on mobile but if the act of actually buying a product is long-winded then people are going to turn away. You might think it is quite difficult to make the buying of a product complicated but you would be surprised at how wrong some businesses get it.

One of the main ways in which you can simplify the process is to allow payment from services like Paypal. This means customers don’t need to enter their card details or even their shipping address as normally this is linked to their account. By shortening the time it takes to purchase a product the more likely a customer is going to do it. This is an essential way to improve your client’s experience.

Provide Free And Fast Shipping

For many small companies, providing free shipping is not always possible. If you are trying to reel customers in with cheap product prices but have to charge a lot for shipping, it does not leave a great taste in the customer’s mouth. They will often feel a bit cheated by this, realizing they could’ve actually bought this product somewhere else for the same price.

On top of that, paying more for shipping does not add value to the product you are selling. Even if you are making up costs by charging more for shipping this doesn’t make your product seem to be worth more money. Try to provide free and fast shipping so that you can improve your client’s experience. 

Have Great Customer Support

Finally, this is a super simple one. Make sure your customer service is on point. Having a dedicated phone number, online chat service and email is essential to improving your client’s experience. Customers don’t want to have to wait around for information about their purchases. Putting a little more money into this will improve your client’s experience immensely. 

Make It Better

Running a successful e-commerce store is no easy feat. There are so many moving parts that it can be hard to make sure everything is running smoothly. By following the tips in this article you should be able to provide an excellent experience for your clients as they are using your e-commerce store.

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