What is Network Setup? What you need to Know

What is network setup? It is nothing but the process of configuring the computers and their connections for both the local area network (LAN) as well as the wide area network (WAN). The computer network setup configuration controls the communication between the computers, either through a wired or wireless connection. A computer can be either a desktop PC or a laptop.

There are two ways in which to accomplish a computer network setup. The first way is called PPPoE. This stands for Private Branch eXchange. In PPPoE, the configuration of the network services happens within a private network between the computers. This saves money as the services are rendered on a dedicated network. Also, the configuration can be done away from the public domain and therefore it is less susceptible to security breaches.

Another way of setting up a computer network setup is through a WAN configuration. WAN simply refers to a packet switch. Basically, a packet switch allows users to connect their computers with each other through a Wide Area Network. This makes it possible for two or more computers to connect to each other over a long distance without any delays. However, the WAN setup sometimes proves to be a bit too complicated and thus needs the help of a professional to accomplish.

When you get a computer network setup, the question of who will perform the installation often crops up. The usual answer is that it will be the administrator of the department that does the setting up. This is particularly the case when it involves a major WAN setup. The reason why this happens is that the WAN setup requires a lot of technical expertise. Apart from the time and effort that it requires, there may also be problems that arise that would make things difficult for the person doing the setting up.

This is why it is important to ask the question “Who should do the computer network setup?” before actually starting anything. Of course, even after asking this question, if you want to proceed anyway, then you have to make sure that the person who will be doing the setup is really experienced. It is also best if he has some basis in computer networking. This means that he should already have at least some knowledge about how different computer network setup are done.

Before the computer network setup actually starts, there are certain basic things that have to be done first. For one thing, it is necessary for the administrator to create a domain name. It is advised to use the name of the company that you work for as your domain name. This is so because most people would normally type the IP address of their computers into the browser’s address bar. So if the network setup were to be successful, then they would get your IP address when they try to connect to your network.

One of the main reasons why computer network setup is very important is because this will allow users to access the network. Each user will get his or her own IP address. There will also be an option for them to connect through a common IP address or through their domain name. With these two options, it would be much easier for other people in the company to find out where a certain employee is located. What is more, when there are employees located all over the world, it would be easy for them to collaborate with each other on projects and activities.

When setting up a computer network setup, it is also advised to check on the security of the system. This is so because there are times when network setup might be harmful to the system. As much as possible, make sure that the IP of every device that will be connected to the network has an added layer of security. This is so because there might be instances that hackers will try to break into the network and use these devices as their own.

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