What is a Gigabit Switch?

What is a Gigabit Ethernet switch? In very simple terms, a Gigabit Ethernet switch is simply a networking device that enables you to connect multiple different devices with each other over a single physical network connection. This in turn enables you to rapidly transfer data and files between them effortlessly. But does a Gigabit Ethernet switch really slow down the internet connection?

Gigabit switches are equipped with four fast (speed) ports and two low-speed ports. These ports operate at full speed without any delays. Hence, it is not possible for the Gigabit switches to undergo any delay. The Gigabit Ethernet routers, on the other hand, support the idle ports. It does not follow that the Gigabit switches with idle ports cannot support Gigabit speeds.

If you compare the Gigabit switches with their unmanaged counterparts, you will find that Gigabit switches offer twice the internet speed. What is the reason behind this phenomenon? Basically, Gigabit switches have been designed with two independent fast (SATA-driven) and low speed (non-SATA) ports.

As far as the different types of switches are concerned, the Gigabit switches are available in both single port and dual port models. The single-port model is similar to the traditional single-port routers and it connects to a single device. On the other hand, the dual-port switches are manufactured in such a way that they can support dual ports at the same time. Thus, you can connect two different types of devices to the same network using the same switch.

However, if we talk about the main reason why these switches are so famous, it is the unbelievable internet speeds they can provide. In order to understand this wonderful technology better, it is necessary to first know what makes these switches work. Basically, these devices work on the principle of optical networking. This principle was originally developed way back in the 1970s. What is more, this principle also explains the incredible speeds which the gigabit ethernet devices support.

In addition to this amazing technology, one of the most important characteristics of the gigabit switches is their amazing warranty period. These switches can support two different technologies which means that the two physical connections (local area network and Gigabit Ethernet) can be linked together using the same switch. With this amazing feature, you can easily connect different devices to the same network at the same time. Moreover, if the devices connect to the network at different locations, the local area network can still function even if one of the devices is offline.

The availability of two networks – local area network and Gigabit Ethernet – has made the availability of faster and reliable internet connection more possible than before. What is more, the amazing optical speeds offered by the gigabit switch ensures that multiple devices can connect to the internet at the same time without experiencing any slowdown. In fact, this networking hardware can even support four network connections at the same time. So, if you have four computers connected to the internet at the same time, you can connect all of them to the internet through a single optical Ethernet switch. This kind of Gigabit Ethernet switching is also more power and cost-efficient as compared to other forms of Ethernet switches. What is more, with such switches, you can easily expand your office network without spending too much money.

What is a Gigabit Switch? Now you know what a Gigabit Switch is. Next, let us see how it works. When you plug in the Ethernet cables to the network devices, the Ethernet cards present in them become the part of a larger system called the Local Area Network (LAN). There are then several ports which are put up in the various ports of the Gigabit Switch. Once these ports are plugged in, the Ethernet cards present in them are able to send and receive data as well as communicate with other network devices.

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