What are the Disadvantages of Wireless network?

Wireless internet, or Wi-Fi as it is commonly known, has become a blessing for most businesses today. Its introduction brought about immense convenience to people who wanted to access the internet. And with its widespread use, the disadvantages of using wireless networks have been mostly overlooked. However, this fact should be seriously taken into consideration by businesses and individuals alike so that you would be able to weigh in your options. Here are some of the main disadvantages wireless networking can bring into your life:

A network’s connectivity affects your computers. Because wireless networks can bring fast internet access, there is a great temptation to take advantage of this feature. However, you need to consider how you will secure your network and whether or not it’s worth all the trouble. You may want to connect to several wireless networks since they allow for faster internet connections but you need to make sure that you are connecting your computers safely and securely. If one of your computers gets a malicious virus, your entire network may be affected.


Another disadvantage of having a wireless network is that a hacker or a group of people can interfere with the network. This is quite alarming especially if you have sensitive data on your computer. Hackers can get into your wireless network and transfer your confidential information and your business’ resources without you noticing it. There have already been reports of a wireless network being hacked. This may cause loss of money and business especially if you depend heavily on the internet for your livelihood.

Children below 12 years old can also be affected by having wireless networks installed. Wireless networks are often connected to older computers and can pass on harmful content that can lead to children’s computers being corrupted. In addition, wireless networks are often installed in schools that are located in poor neighborhoods. These wireless networks are not easily accessible to parents and teachers who are in school. With these things said, wireless networks are not always the best option.

Other disadvantages of a wireless network are the hassle of installing it. You need to find a place wherein there is no power source. Then you also have to find a wireless router or access point. You also need to configure your wireless network and set up passwords to protect your private information. If you are not comfortable doing this, you will need an Internet service provider.

Some people cannot afford wireless networks due to the high monthly charges. If you are someone who loves surfing the net regularly, then this might not be a problem for you. But if you want to connect to the web at any time you like, then you might have to consider your other options. If you are only concerned about the monthly charges, then the wireless network is not for you. But if you are a person who wants to surf the net and do other things on the internet without interruption, then wireless networks are the way to go.

Lack or portability

Another disadvantage of a wireless network is the lack of portability. Although wireless networks are fast, they are not as portable as wired networks. If you are planning to use this type of network in your home, then you might consider your data speed as the most important factor in choosing the network to use.

Wireless networks have advantages and disadvantages. If you know and understand these factors, then you can decide if you really need to use a wireless network or if you can just go with the wired network. There are different types of users and different needs. You should make the decision that best meets your needs. The disadvantages of a wireless network are mostly based on convenience and price.

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