Let the French Virtual Number Solve the Problem of Missed Calls

Missed calls are a nightmare for any sales team. The delay of managers or another reason may become the failure of the deals. Thus, it’s important to figure out the ways you can solve the problem once and for all. Missed calls are not only lost customers but also wasted advertising budget. However, managers are not always to blame for missed phone calls. For example, a client may call on a weekend when the office is empty. Many missed calls also happen when employees are simply overwhelmed.

Of course, you can hire additional managers but there are other ways to fix the problem. A virtual phone number France is a more simple and more economical solution and we will talk about it further.

How to make sure that there are no more missed incoming calls?

Connect a virtual PBX

It is almost impossible to work effectively with missed calls without virtual telephony. How to find out the number of missed calls? Where can I see the list? Virtual telephony removes all these issues. The functionality of the Freezvon cloud PBX allows you to see detailed statistics. You get information about not only missed calls but also incoming, outgoing, and even zero calls (with zero duration). All of them will be displayed in your account. It’s easy to select the period you need and apply filters by date, call type, and user.

The report not only shows incoming missed calls but also allows you to track the performance of each manager. Additionally, the duration and even the cost of the call are displayed if the connection was established. Thus, we get an indispensable tool for the head of the sales department.

Set up a call queue

This option is perfect for those who have a lot of missed calls at peak times. The call queue allows you to keep the client on the line when all operators are busy. The person does not have to listen to beeps as they can be replaced with useful information or musical composition.

Use call forwarding scenarios

This feature ensures that no important call goes unanswered. Virtual PBX settings allow you to flexibly distribute incoming calls within the sales department or accounting department. Calls can be distributed in three variations:

  • In turn. Incoming calls will be evenly distributed among employees.
  • In random order. The virtual PBX will cycle through all the phone numbers that are on the list until the employee answers or the customer hangs up.
  • Simultaneously. The phone will ring immediately for each worker.

Forwarding will occur to each internal number, starting from the first.

When should you forward incoming messages?

  • When the company changed the number, it appears that the old one remained on the website, on business cards, and in the clients’ notebooks. This is especially true for companies and enterprises that have been on the market for many years.
  • When there is only one number but the call flow is uninterrupted. The organization has one number for incoming calls, and every day it receives several dozen incoming calls. In this case, call forwarding will help each client get through the first time.
  • Required to receive calls on weekends and holidays. There’s no need to hire a weekend manager when you can forward calls to the senior manager’s number.
  • Call forwarding to a familiar manager when the person calls again. Such scripts allow you to direct incoming calls from customers when they call back to the experts they already know, with whom they have worked before, and know each other.
  • Call forwarding to a mobile phone. Setting up forwarding scripts allows you to direct incoming calls to a specific mobile number.

Thus, a French virtual number can be used to receive calls in various cases. The best part is that you can connect and set up call forwarding in a few minutes. 

What are the key benefits of call forwarding?

Call forwarding to another number allows employees to answer almost all incoming calls. There’s a voicemail option that brings the ability to receive voice messages to work mail. Communication may be performed anywhere in the world where there is the Internet. All you have to do is to contact Freezvon Company and describe your ideas and wishes.

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