How to Derive Actionable Insights from Data?

Doing business in the digital space brings many benefits to someone who knows how to process big data. Each user leaves digital footprints that can be used for further analytics. Still, how to get actionable insights if the data is presented in different formats? Connect Facebook Ads to Power BI and include any other marketing data in your analysis with software from

Combine data from multiple sources

Analytical data is somewhat similar to currencies: to carry out any operations with them, they must first be converted to a single format. Business intelligence (BI) tools perform a number of tasks to succeed in connecting data for receiving actionable insights:

  • Automatic collection of data from various sources;
  • Importing diverse data sets;
  • Combining data from different formats into a single one;
  • Creation of impactful multifunctional dashboards.

Get Helpful Actionable Insights with Software 

Optimize your analytical undertakings with Overview Report – by Multi-touch attribution modeling with advanced software from allows you to solve many tasks simultaneously:

  • Save time by automating all procedures;
  • Save budget by executing the most complex data aggregations instantly;
  • Visualize data in any convenient format;
  • Integrate the software into your habitual digital environment using APIs or native connectors.

Types of Data Worth Considering for Getting Actionable Insights 

Marketers are trying to collect the widest possible set of data to build their marketing strategies. Some of them are in the “must have” category, while others are more optional. When working on analytics, don’t forget about key data types used for developing effective marketing guidelines:

  • Web page visits and time spent on each of them;
  • Links that visitors click on;
  • Order data;
  • Competitor and industry leader data.

You get the most productive actionable insights by choosing a comprehensive approach to analytics. Automating complex data aggregation procedures with advanced software from will allow you to get valuable analytics in just a couple of clicks and focus your efforts on more creative marketing tasks. offers a 30-days free trial and a free plan for the ETL functionality.

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