Flagship Phone is Not Only the King of Cameras

Flagship Phone is Not Only the King of Cameras

HONOR is an independent innovation. It has been at the leading level in the industry. Buy HONOR smartphones can bring users get regular functions. It offers many unique black technologies. Other brands can’t offer these.

HONOR 20 Pro has been leading the way in sales since its listing. HONOR 20 Pro deserves to get such recognition. DXOMARK has the second-highest score in the world. It is the world’s leading self-developed new technology. It has given users a better experience. The HONOR 20 Pro features a Kirin 980 processor. The whole system comes standard with 8G ultra-large storage. This system adopts LPDDR4X and UFS2.1 specifications. It has a 4000mAH super large battery. The battery supports a 22.5 W supercharge. There is graphene heat dissipation technology.

HONOR 20 Pro has self-developed new technology. We can see super Bluetooth, Ark Compiler. It has Link Turbo All-Network Aggregation Technology. Intelligent Life YOYO. Most of these functions have one thing in common. That is interaction. The phone employs an Android system.

Ark compiler improves the compilation efficiency of applications. In the past, Android applications were compiling and executing. The Ark compiler will become full machine precompilation. Then it executed well. The Ark compiler improved 29% application execution efficiency. It has achieved 24% system operation fluency. 44% system response capacity. 60% tripartite application operation fluency. 

Super Bluetooth, we are familiar with Bluetooth connections. We almost use  Bluetooth headsets to listen to music. It is different from the traditional Bluetooth connection. The distance of a traditional Bluetooth connection is 10 meters. HONOR Super Bluetooth technology of HONOR 20 Pro is powerful. You can play music for up to 244 meters. You can make phone calls for up to 265 meters. In a barrier-free and open environment. 

HONOR 20 Pros’ super Bluetooth technology is based on HASI Hi1103 chip. It employs built-in AI intelligent calculation. It gives the intelligent judgment of environmental and Bluetooth signal strength. You can automatically adjust the transmission power. According to the actual scheduling of Bluetooth equipment. For example, increase the power when the Bluetooth signal weakens. 

LINK Turbo adopts “Intelligent Link Shunt Mode”. It can select the appropriate network for the shunt of key data. Different applications are for different communication networks. It can assign applications to the most suitable network. Establish links according to the needs at that time. Sometimes low-quality WiFi cannot meet the payment demand. The mode will intelligently pay through the data network. While other applications will remain on WiFi. It gives efficient and reasonable using of WiFi and LTE communication. It enables users to complete their services without Catton perception. 

The user only needs to press the power key for one second. Then they can wake up YOYO assistant. Release and speak. More convenient and practical. 

This HONOR 20 Pro is not only the king of cameras. It is at the leading level in the industry in black technology. It has the world’s leading self-developed new technology. It has given users a better experience. So it is the all-around flagship.

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