Can you Change Gmail Address? [Guide]

Gmail is the top email service provider in the world, but not every single user is equally privileged to change his or her email address. Before getting too technical about it, let us take a look at how does a computer or an email work anyway. It is a system that collects and preserves all the emails that pass through an individual’s computer. All the incoming and outgoing messages are then categorized and stored in folders that are used by the computer user for storing and sorting his or her mail.

However, not every email address is alike. If you change your email address, there may be some complications associated with it. For instance, you cannot readily access all the mail that you have stored in your Inbox anymore because they may have been moved to new addresses or deleted. It would also be more complicated if you want to change your email address for some reason or another.

For instance, if you move to a new house, your email account may have been misused and you may not be able to access your email even after some months of opening and reading messages in the new address. Also, if you decide to quit a job, you might no longer have access to your old mailbox address. This is when you might wish to change your address. But, what if you are no longer at home to help yourself retrieve your mail?

What do you do then?

In the olden days, people used physical mail boxes at homes and businesses. These were mounted on the building itself and so the owner of the building could access and change their email address as they pleased. They did not necessarily have to be very careful about the type of mail that they put into their box because they had full access to it.

These days, however, there are services such as Yahoo! and Gmail that can help you change gmail address. All you need to do is go to the signup page and you will see options to choose from, such as primary and secondary email addresses. You can also change your primary address with a secondary address through this process.

However, there is one problem with this. The primary email may contain a list of addresses of friends who you may want to keep in touch with. If they happen to read your primary address, they may think that you read it first. And if they are friends with you on Facebook, they may end up seeing your primary address through that service. While you may be able to change this manually, who is left to check whether this is actually happening or not?

Thankfully, you can use software like Google G-mail or yahoo mail (still in beta) to change your gmail address. These softwares will help you input your gmail id in the field provided and will then ask you if you want to verify your account by clicking on the verification link. Once you have clicked on the link, you will be asked to input the new address. You may have to answer questions about your primary email address, but at least you can start sending emails from a different email address.

So can you change gmail address? Yes, but only if you really want to. Unless you are going to change your address frequently, you can do better than using Google or Yahoo! To avoid being blocked by Google while signing in to your account, you can try a third party site such as Mailinator. They offer a wide variety of features that help you manage your accounts effectively.

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