Can you Add a Switch to a Mesh Network?

If you’re planning to set up Ethernet switch and mesh network, the most difficult part is done. But, there are some other things that need to be considered. Some of them will be discussed in this article. It will help you if you are familiar with Ethernet switches, routers, and IP phones. If not, I suggest that you go to e-books. Read about how to set up an Ethernet switch and mesh network.

You have two choices on how to configure it

You can either use ATA over Ethernet (AoE) hardware or Fibre Channel (FC) hardware. What you need to do is to select the switch based on the size of your mesh. As for the name, “ATA over Ethernet” means that the switch ports will be physical lines that connect your switches to each other. “Fibre channel over Ethernet” means that the physical links are done through copper links. So, you need to make sure which one would work better for you.

Setting up the switch is easy. First, you need to identify the necessary components and the physical location where you will put them. Once you’ve established the location and the components, you can continue with the installation. Usually, the Ethernet switches and the routers are placed at a distance apart. This distance should be at least 100 meters.

Then, unplug the wires from the power source. It is also recommended that you install the Ethernet cable between the computer and switch as well as the router or the switch itself. Also, you need to determine which direction has to be used when you set up the mesh network. In this case, it is important to use the North American Standard (NAsts) configuration.

Furthermore, the next step to take is to create the second physical layer in your network. The physical layer is done by putting up a router. As a result, your switch will become an Ethernet gateway. You will still need to configure it properly if you want to add more than one Ethernet port into your mesh network.

If your network features more than one Ethernet port, such as ten ports in total, then you need to install more than one Ethernet switch in order to create your first physical layer. In fact, routers can have multiple ports. However, if the ports were not added in the first place, you cannot add them again after the installation process is complete.

After configuring the Ethernet switches correctly, the last thing to do is to place the routing fabric between the switches. In fact, the network configuration won’t be complete until you configure the routing fabric first. Now that the physical layer is set up, the switches can come online and connect with each other. In fact, this process is also known as local loop detection.

When can you add a switch to a mesh network? This is really simple. First, you need to add a WAN port to each of the internal Ethernet ports. After that, add a port to each of the internal ports and configure them as routers. After that, just place each of the routers into the physical layer, and voila!

So now we know how to add a switch to a mesh network. How fast will it connect? The speed depends on the Ethernet ports you use. Some devices may need to wait for a port to become available before it can join the mesh.

Can you still add a switch to a mesh network after you’ve configured the network? Yes, you can. Just find another physical port on the switch. Then you can configure the switch to connect to the new port.

Why do you have to add a switch? If you don’t want to deal with additional hardware, the best solution is to configure a switch that has QoS features. With QoS, the switch can adjust its performance based on the traffic on each port. As long as there is no congestion of the traffic on the ports, the switch will perform well and will help keep your mesh network fast-paced and secure.

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