Are There Ways To Use A TV As A Monitor? Find Out Here

Television has come a long way in terms of technology. The last decade has seen great changes in the realm of TV screens and television sets.  One can easily purchase a standard television set, but when it comes to imitating life-like images or colors on the screen, there are chances that you might fall short of your expectations. There are many types of HDTVs available in the market today which provide stunning images and clarity.

However, if you still feel that these high-priced sets do not meet up your requirements then you might consider trying out some of these best alternatives for buying HDTV televisions at an affordable price. You will agree that these television sets are available in abundance in online stores. You can easily get hold of one at an affordable price, which will serve your purposes just fine.

There are other ways too by which you could use a TV set as a monitor for your computer system, especially while playing games or while working on any other application that demands high clarity and sharp images. Here are some ways you can use a TV as a monitor:

Wireless Connection

To connect your television sets wirelessly with your computer systems, you will need to get hold of wireless adapters and connect them both. This is an easy way and the best part about this connection is that it does not require any cables or wires whatsoever. All you need to do to connect a computer to a smart tv is connect their wireless adapters. Once the devices establish connectivity, they can be used easily without any hassles of wires and cables.

These wireless adapters are readily available in markets at very affordable prices so that everyone can use their TVs as monitors whenever required! The best thing about these adapters is that they are compatible with different versions of Windows operating systems including the 7, Vista, and XP versions. Another benefit of using a wireless connection is that you can also connect your TV to other devices like gaming consoles, handheld game consoles, and more.

One thing, however, which you might need to keep in mind before trying out this connection is that not all wireless adapters seem to be compatible with each other. You will have to check for compatibility between both devices before making any final decision.

Connect Using HDMI Cables

You can use HDMI cables for converting your television into a monitor. You can find many such cables available in online stores and offline shops too. For those who don’t know, there is no difference between an HDTV and an HD Monitor; they both serve the same purposes – images with great clarity and resolutions.

The major difference lies in their size and shapes only. All that you will require to connect your computer to the TV is two sets of compatible devices (computer and TV systems) and appropriate cables or connectors which match up perfectly for proper working. Once you set things right, it is all done! Now you can play games on huge television screens rather than on tiny computer screens.

You can easily find HDMI cables available at an affordable price these days. Moreover, the best part of using HDMI cables for this purpose is that all modern TVs come with this cable facility which can be used conveniently to connect your computer systems to your TVs.

Connect Using VGA Cables

VGA cables are one of the best alternatives which you can use for connecting your computer systems with your TVs. The best part about using VGA cables is that they are not as expensive as other cables, so almost anyone can afford them easily. Moreover, these cables come in abundance in markets and at very cheap rates; hence, there are many chances to find compatible connectors too. All that you need to do is check whether your TV system has a VGA slot or not.

However, there are a few drawbacks too when you opt for using VGA cables to connect your computer systems with your TVs. The first problem is that you will not be able to enjoy high-quality pictures on big screens since these cables are not capable of supporting high resolutions or great picture qualities.

Another major drawback is that some modern computers do not come with the VGA slot and it might prove tough to find compatible connectors too in such cases. It also becomes difficult to attach the cables and set things right when you keep in mind that these connectors and cables come in all different shapes and sizes.

You Should Use Appropriate Software

There are many software solutions that you will be able to use on your computer systems to get the best possible results while using TV sets as monitors. All you need is the appropriate software for this purpose and a software-compatible TV set, and you will be good to go!

To find such software, just google them online or check whether they are available in your local computer systems market. Once you download these programs from the internet, all you have to do is install them on your PC system and then enjoy watching movies on big screens rather than tiny ones! Such applications work great with different types of Windows operating systems too including the latest version i.e., Windows 8

Of course, you will have to connect your computer systems to your television sets to get the best results. However, this should not be a tough task anymore since the above-mentioned cables can be easily found at very affordable rates these days! The connection you will use depends on the connection slot availability on the TV you are using. Most of the TV sets come with VGA or HDMI slots, while Smart TV is usually connected using wireless adapters.

As you can see, there are many options available if you wish to use your TV as a monitor. It all depends on you and what sort of TV set you want to use as a monitor for your computer systems.

There are many things that you will have to keep in mind while doing this, but if you think logically then it should not be that tough anymore! Keep in mind all the guidelines discussed above and chances are that you will be able to enjoy your computer games on the TV sets without any hassle.

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