10 Effective Tips to Increase Online Sales

10 Effective Tips to Increase Online Sales

If you are looking to increase your online sales, you have come to the right place.
The Ecommerce industry is growing rapidly as more and more customers are buying items online. But simply opening a website and hoping that customers will come is not the right strategy.
In order to succeed online and grow sales, you need to have an effective strategy put in place.
Whether your e-commerce is newly started or are already an established business, you should always strive to increase your sales. To help you, we have put together a thorough guide with our ten most proven tips for better web store conversion and increased sales.

1. Write great product descriptions

A successful product description can be the difference between a sale or not. It’s not about luck. Here are our best tips for writing appealing and engaging product descriptions:

Establish a problem and solve it

What separates a good product description from an exceptional product description is being able to engage customers and mediate a feeling through your descriptions.
When you write your descriptions, ask yourself: How will your product make the customer’s life better?
Make sure you can define the customer’s problem that your product can solve, focus on highlighting the solution that your product offers.

Describe the feeling that your product will give

Of course, you should give a correct and detailed description of the product, but it is also important that you try to mediate a feeling. A feeling that ultimately gets them to buy.

You can describe how well your product works, or you can describe the feeling of the result that your procut gives. For example, if you can sell the feeling of accomplishment that a nicely cut lawn gives if you are selling mowers, then you have done a great job. It is the latter that you want to aim for. The first-mentioned risks coming off as too salesy and promotional.

Catch the visitor Above the fold

What does “above the fold” mean?

If you have a long product description, plan the layout so that the most important information is visible above the fold. You have only a short moment to make a first impression that catches the visitor’s attention and gets them to continue reading.

Of course, the product images should be visible there. Try to have two buy buttons – one above the fold and one at the bottom of the long product description.

Work on formatting the text

Many visitors “scan” the page quickly, either because they are just browsing around, or because they are scanning for specific information.

With that said, longer texts need attention-grabbers. This is why a well-executed product description needs a layout that is appealing to the eye.

The person who is just browsing around wants to find the most important benefit of your product as well as the key information.

Use short paragraphs, bold, bullet points and maybe even markings with colored backgrounds. Your goal is to help the customer make a purchase decision.

Focus on high quality product images

Images sell. Remember that humans are visual creatures that are able to process images much better than text.

With images, you can better communicate information about your products that is difficult to do in text, but also break up the text and catch their attention. WIth that said, it is crucial that you put utmost importance in photos. This means high quality and well-composed photoes.

Hire a good photographer or get good equipment and learn to take professional product images. You will earn again that investment on increased sales.

If you want to manage it yourself and have a tight budget, you can start with a good mobile camera and try to leverage the things that you have at your disposal which can help improve image quality such as using a tripod and ensuring you have good light.

The tripod is absolutely necessary to take sharp pictures.

Build a home photo studio

You really want to think about the light since this has a huge impact on the quality of your photos.

A light box is an affordable but very effective tool that will make a huge difference on the quality of your images. It makes it easy to take pictures with a white background without sharp shadows.

If you have a little more money, it is a great idea to invest in a quality camera.

If you donät have a very good camera, you need to spend more time doing editing and after work compared to if you have a high-resolution camera. This leaves you time to do all of the other things that we’ll go through in this post.

Showace your products with video

Don’t underestimate what a simple product video can show. A product that is difficult to do justice with images can be perceived much better with a video. Some things are difficult to demonstrate with photos and text, and this is what a video can help with. The customer wants to know what they are getting. More importantly, they need to understand what your product can do for them. A video can give that experience and lead to increased sales.

Try different videos and see what your customers like

In addition to a video showcasing your products, you can also show the product in its environment where it will be used. For example, if you sell hiking shoes, make a video where you demonstrate how durable and robust they are.

Another way to show the product is to use unboxing videos

4. Select for the customer

If you sell products with different options, leave one of the options selected. Choose the most popular color, or simply the variation you have most in stock. You are guaranteed to sell more of the product if you help the customer choose. Options are good, but with too many options, it can overwhelm them and make them leave your site without buying anything.

5. Optimize the Buy button

Your main goal with the product page is to get the customer to add the product in the shopping cart. That’s why the buy button is one of the most important things you have on the site.

How your buy button is designed can have a major impact on your conversion rate. What we can say for sure is that the buy button should be large and in clear and attention-grabbing color with clear contrast to the surroundings.

Green or orange has proven to convert well, but if your site has green tones, choose a different color for the buy button. It has also proven that buttons with rounded corners convert better than sharp, partly because rounded corners make the eye focus on what is inside.

Test different text on the buy button

The key to improving your conversion rate is testing, trying, and experimenting. With that said, try out different texts on the buy button. “Add to cart” can be useful when you want to use subsequent steps to continue convincing an undecided customer, while “Buy Now” can make the customer decide immediately. If the product is variable, WooCommerce will display the button text “Select options” on the category page. Change it to “Choose color” or “Choose size” to increase your shopping experience significantly and sell more.

Make the customer feel safe

Most people who end up on your site do not know you. In order for them to dare to take the step and shop with you, you must first gain their trust. Here are four great ways to instill that sense of security the customer needs:

Create a really good “About Us” page where you are a little more personal. Skip the corporate talk here – be yourself instead. Put in a nice picture of yourself and your team where you smile and look confident. If you have special experiences or qualifications in your product area, you should, of course, highlight this. Give the customer several ways to reach you.

Show other customer reviews on the site. Text reviews have a much greater psychological significance than the rating (stars) on the individual product. They show that you are real and that you dare expose yourself and your goods to customer criticism. To obtain reviews send an email to the customer 1-3 weeks after purchase and request a review. There are plenty of good tools you can use such as Trustpilot.

Show that the website is secure by using SSL, so the address of your webshop starts with https: // where the site shows that you are browsing the site safely.

Have a good and clear return policy so that the customer knows what applies. If your return policy is unclear, difficult to understand, or difficult to find, it can make the customer uncertain and ultimately make them leave your site without ordering.

Upsell your customers

Upselling is a great way to increase your sales by getting your customers to buy more from you while they are at it. This is one of the most effective ways to increase your revenue since you don’t actually need to convince more customers (since this is the most difficult part). You only need to get those that buy to buy more from you.

It is much easier to sell two products to the customer you already have in the online store than it is to get another customer to buy the other product. You can sell more to each customer through additional sales (cross-sales) or up sales.

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