Should you Use Snapchat?

Since the dawn of time, or at least since the dawn of the social media, companies and organizations have asked themselves the same question as soon as something new is called social network – should we be there?

The answer is not obvious. Perhaps. It all depends on what target group you have.

Social media is a great tool for reaching your specific target audience, but not everyone is on all platforms and therefore far from sure that you should be there. Still, it takes some time and energy to get into a new platform, and it can easily feel pretty wasted if your target audience isn’t there.

If you have a young target group, you should definitely consider Snapchat!

It is with the young target group that Snapchat is most popular. Here it is important to have some control and maybe try a new platform early. Because if you are too late to the party, then people will already have found their way there, which means higher competition, making it more difficult to cut through the noise.

A common “issue” is also that, as social media platforms evolve, more and more people find their way to the platform. Common is that the platform matures, and people from the older generation also start using it. By the time this happens, younger individuals tend to already have found their way to a new platform. It happened with Facebook, it happened with Instagram and it will probably happen pretty soon with Snapchat. Keep your eyes open and test!

If you have a slightly older target group, you may not be at all sure to spend the time and energy needed to understand a new platform. Is your target audience exclusively on Facebook and LinkedIn? Invest your time, energy, and advertising money there instead.

That is not to say that you should not keep track of new platforms and trends, even if you have a slightly older and “slower” target group. Test new things and introduce yourself to new methods, strategies, and social media platforms. Even if they do not currently fit the target group you are working with. And you never know – all of a sudden your target group is there! And then you have a head start.

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