Instagram VS Snapchat Which is Best for Marketing?

Which is the best of Instagram and Snapchat for marketing? All marketers need to learn more about Instagram and Snapchat and the differences between them.

Here are some relevant facts to help you get a better idea of Instagram and Snapchat marketing.

Target audience

  1. Snapchat’s users are younger. 60% are under 25 and 41% of users are between 18-34 years
  2. Instagram’s users are older and 33% of users are in the target group 30-49 years
  3. Influencers on Instagram have a 28% higher opening rate on their stories compared to Snapchat

Advertising on Snapchat

  1. Snap Ads are video ads that can be up to 10 seconds long. They can be linked to articles and you can add a www-address / link.
  2. You can use geotagging on Snapchat via the so-called geofilters.
  3. You can use Augmented Reality (image or video) via the so-called lenses on Snapchat.

Advertising on Instagram

  1. You can use photos as advertisements on Instagram and add a “shop now” link.
  2. You can also use videos (Instagram Stories) up to 60 seconds. Here, too, you can add a www address / link.
  3. Instagram offers so-called Carousel ads that allow users to swipe for more photos or videos.
  4. Instagram offers the opportunity to advertise with Instagram Stories published between user stories from friends.

Cost of advertising – Instagram VS Snapchat

  • The price for Instagram Stories ranges from 2 to 3 CPM (Cost per million)
  • The price for Instagram ads is between 4 and 6 CPM
  • Snap Ads can be purchased through an auction process
  • Both Instagram and Snapchat (now launching) offer an interface for advertisers to manage the entire advertising process
  • A Snap Lens campaign costs Approx 2 million EUR
  • Snap Geofilters cost between 2 – 5 cents depending on density and demand in the geographical area

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