How to Download Images from Instagram, WITHOUT Screenshot!

How to Download Images From Instagram, WITHOUT Screenshot!

Tired of taking screenshots on Instagram in order to save an image? Well, you don’t have to. Here’s how to save images from Instagram, and open them in Photoshop!

It’s no secret that inside the app, there is no “Save” feature that allows you to instantly save photos you see. But there are ways around it.

Most people take a screenshot and then crop the edges. But here comes a solution that helps you save images with ease.

To do this, use the Chrome browser. From here, go to a picture on Instagram.

  • Step one – go to the image you want in your browser.
  • Step two – right-click and select inspect.
  • The Component Reviewer is now open. Here you see lots of stuff you don’t have to worry about right now. Pull out the window so you see “Resources”, and click there.
  • Now you are on resources and have a classic folder structure on the left. Click on Frames> (> Images

Here you can easily find the image you want. But note that it is available in both 640 × 640 and 1080 × 1080. Right-click on the one you want, select “Open image in new tab”.
The image now opens in a new tab in your browser, go into it and easily save the image as usual by right-clicking and selecting “Save Image As…”
You now have the image saved. If you just want to upload it as a profile picture on Facebook or similar, it is done now.

But if you want to open it in eg photoshop to use the image in a mockup or the like, unfortunately, you have to do another thing.

If you try to open the current .jpg file, you will receive an error message. This is due to Instagram, and given how long it has been this way, it’s probably nothing they want to fix.

So you only need to do the following steps if you want to open the image in photoshop or another similar program:

Open the image in “Preview”, select File / Export… and save as a new .jpg with the highest quality. YES! The image can now be opened in photoshop!

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