How to get Started with Facebook Advertising

Getting started with advertising on Facebook is not a complicated task, it is as with all advertising that you have good control over certain things. For example, what you want to reach out with for messages, who is your target audience, and what the purpose of your advertising is.

There are a large number of advertising models on Facebook. In this guide, we share the different ways you can advertise on Facebook – depending on what your goal is with advertising.

Basic information

Anyone can advertise on Facebook, what is required is that you have a page that you manage. If you have a company where several should have the opportunity to advertise then you should get the Business Manager.

Sponsored posts

If you are managing a Facebook page, you have probably noticed that on some posts, a note comes up that says, “It is better for your post Facebook advertising than for 95% of the posts on this page. Promote it for xx $ and reach up to xxxx more users ”.

An opportunity for advertising is thus to sponsor a post that you have posted. You can do this immediately when you publish it, but a tip is to wait a few hours after you publish so that you have got the organic spread first and do not pay for clicks you received in any case.

Ad Types on Facebook

The ads look different depending on the type of device the user sees the ad – mobile or desktop. However, the information and features are the same regardless of where the user sees the ad:

  • Company Name
  • About friends interacted with the ad
  • An ad text
  • Pictures and/or movie clips
  • Call to action

Another type of ad is the one we see in the right column, the information you get here is an image or video and ad text.

Create Facebook ad

  • Go to Ads Manager – click on create the ad in the upper right corner
  • Select the goal of the ad
  • Go ahead by naming and saving your campaign
  • Continue choosing your target audience for the campaign
  • Choose where geographically your ad should appear – include or exclude
  • Fill in the age range of the ones you want now with your ad
  • Then select or exclude the interests, demographics, and behaviors of those who want to see the ad
  • Save the target audience
  • Choose where you want your ad to appear (mobile, right column, desktop, etc.)
  • Set your budget for the ad
  • Rename your Ad-set

Facebook ad targeting

Facebook has divided its objectives into three different segments – awareness, consideration, and conversion. For example, do you want to raise awareness about your business, and reach potential customers nearby, get more visitors to your website or get an offer? Think carefully about what the purpose of your ad is and choose the one that suits the best options!

You can add a target audience based on the information you have such as email addresses, phone numbers, etc. You can also choose to advertise only to your followers on Facebook or followers and their friends – canon, for example, if you want to give your followers an offer specifically for them!

If you don’t want your ads to appear on Instagram, click “Run Campaign on Instagram”.

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