10 Tips for Using Instagram Carousel

You no longer have to choose the absolute best photo or movie clip from an experience you want to remember, Instagram writes about the Carousel.

It is possible to edit the pictures or movie clips in the photo carousel individually, or to apply one and the same filter overall, and also to tag friends.

However, caption, location, likes and comments will apply to the post as a whole.

Instagram launched photo carousels for advertisers as early as 2015 and made it possible to include videos in 2016.

So what can you use the Instagram carousel for?

  • View more pictures of your products from different angles
  • View before and after pictures
  • View product image and then use it
  • Show out zoomed in and zoomed in on detail
  • View the review you have received from your consumer
  • If you have a product in different colors, show on different pages
  • Share photos from an event
  • Behind the scene from a picture taken.
  • UGC! Combine what others tagged you in and share in one, don’t forget to tag those who took the pictures!
  • Make a story

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