Social Media Management

Are you struggling to find time to properly manage your social media accounts? Are you just not seeing any results from your efforts?

Being on social media as a brand is no longer optional, it is necessary. Your customers expect you to be on social media.

More people than ever before are using social media, and many consumers use social media as a way to discover and interact with brands.

In fact:

  • 33 % of consumers discover new brands, products and services on social networks (eMarketer)
  • 4 in 10 Adults Say They’ve Bought Something They Saw on Social Media
  • 85% of Gen Z reports using social to learn about new products

Social media is having a huge impact on our society, and something that’s safe to say is that if you aren’t using social media to promote your brand and engage with your adueince, you’re missing out. But simply using social media isn’t enough either. If you don’t have a strategy for your social media marketing efforts and know you aren’t using social media effectively, you’re leving money on the table.

Social media is not just a promotional tool, it is a tool which provides brands with a direct channel to their target audience. Back in the days if brands wanted to reach out to their target audinece, they would have to knock on doors and meet them in real life, but today, never in the history of this planet have brands had a tool with which they can instantly reach thouusands of people within a matter of seconds. The only problem is that the majority of brands are not taking advantage of it.

If you doon’t have the expertise, knowledge, time, or knowledge to properly manage your social media profiles and reach your full potential, let us handle all or parts of your social media process.

Here are some of the social media  management services we can offer:

  • Regular posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram LinkedIn and Pinterest
  • Customer service
  • Manual social listening
  • Create social media campaigns
  • Interact with target audience
  • Build relationships with your taget audience
  • Grow your social media following

…And ultimately, help you generate real marketing results such as improved brand awareness, customer loyalty, and increased sales.