Expert Tips: How To Properly Market Your Product And Reach More Customers

Expert Tips: How To Properly Market Your Product And Reach More Customers

When a new product or service has been created, it’s only the beginning of the journey. Without adequate marketing and advertising, the whole thing could be dead in the water. It’s essential that businesses know who their target audience is and what their needs are. They also need to outperform their rivals.

It may be that you are about to launch a new product or service. You may be wondering how to “get it out there” and have your voice heard above the competition. There are many different channels you can advertise on, and they all have different strengths. This article is going to provide you with some helpful marketing tips so that you can reach more and more people.

Create Quality Branding And Packaging

Even if you have to pay a graphic artist to do it, make sure you create a good logo. Think about the colors and style you intend to use on your products and company website. Come up with an original strapline or mission statement that puts your purpose into a nutshell. Check out your competitors too, as this could be a valuable learning tool.

There are many companies that can help you along the way. It’s possible to have screen printing on glass bottles, food jars, makeup containers, and more. When it’s professionally done it can be easier for your products to stand out in a crowded market. Whether you need foil stamping, embossing, or digital printing, there are services to suit a wide variety of budgets. 

Work With An Influencer

Many people on Youtube have gained stardom simply because of who they are, their humor, or their skills. If you know an influencer linked to your line of work, this could be a profitable route. There are also companies that can connect you to different people. 

By paying for an influencer to discuss your products or services, you can ride on the back of their success and reach their entire audience instantly. 

Create A Quality Website

It’s always wise to learn about Search Engine Optimization and website plugins. If necessary, pay a third party to help you, and view it as an investment in your future. By using Google Analytics, the Google Keyword Tool, and more you can learn all about your website visitors. Armed with a greater understanding of your target audience you can make sure they find what they want. If your website is optimized with the right Google search words you will have increased discoverability online. 

Whether it’s by using blogs, social media posts, or email marketing, all can be used as tools to direct people to your website’s sales pages. 

Try Email Marketing

Do what you need to in order to gain peoples’ email addresses. You may decide to provide discount codes and free ebooks or free trial periods on your products to achieve this. Their reward can then be emailed back to them, and you can follow this up with regular newsletters.

Your emails can provide helpful free and interesting stuff, as well as details of your sales, special offers, and new product launches. 

Aim For Subscriptions Rather Than Sales

Years ago people paid for word processing software and received a disc they needed to install on their computer. These days you’re more likely to buy it online and download it. If it’s a one-off sale it may never be repeated. If you get your customers to subscribe (receiving free updates along the way) you can perpetuate the income.

Think about what you provide. Could you adopt this principle for your clients? If you sell printers let them subscribe to an ink cartridge replacement plan that saves them money. Whether it’s seeds or magazines, there may be a way to maintain peoples’ customs longer term. 

Pay For Billboard Adverts

Whilst this is a more traditional form of advertising there may be some mileage there for you. If people regularly see your product advertised locally, it could raise brand awareness to the point that they think your company is national. 

People sitting on trains and buses are a captive audience as they look out the windows. By placing your poster at key locations you can be seen day and night. Whilst this seems to be ‘old fashioned’ there are also more modern digital applications. Electronic billboards are often placed in shopping centers, or wherever there are crowds of people. 

Check Out Niche Marketing 

If your advertising is generic and aimed at everyone you may achieve fewer customers than if you focus on a specific niche. This is especially true for new businesses.

Why not narrow down your target audience to a specific gender, age and location? Target a specific time as well (e.g. weekends). It can be easier to review your campaigns this way and later on you could broaden the net to catch more fish.

Use Social Media

The vast majority of companies have their own profile pages on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. It takes time and money to produce regular free quality content, but it can pay off eventually. If it’s engaging, people will begin to respect your material and view you as a trusted authority. When this occurs you’re more likely to receive their business in return. You may also benefit from trying Facebook Ad campaigns. 


YouTube is owned by the same people as Google, which can give you another opportunity. Provide regular quality videos here and your following may grow. Both the video title and description (which should include a website link) can be optimized from an SEO angle, helping you gain a higher Google ranking.

There’s also power in blogging, affiliate programs, and loyalty schemes. The best way forward is to have several strings to your bow, so you can create an armory of marketing tools.

When online traffic is directed to your website 24/7 you can enjoy having a passive income. Hopefully, you now feel more motivated and optimistic about marketing your business. This is for good reason, too, because you could reach a potentially global audience over time.

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