9 Essential Local SEO Tips for Businesses

A recent study shows that 72% of customers who research local businesses do visit them. Local SEO is important for business success because people want to shop in places near them.

Local SEO is particularly important if you’re a new or smaller business. It ensures your name gets out there and that people know what you do.

Use the local SEO tips below to generate new interest and growth in your business.

1) Make Use of a Google Business Profile

Fill out a Google Business profile using photos, service descriptions, and accurate information about your products. This will help rank your business name higher in search results. You’ll see increased traffic to your website and social media pages.

You must keep the photos and videos on your profile fresh. Make sure that you change them regularly. This shows Google’s algorithm that your business is active, keeping it ranking highly.

Google has specific guidelines you need to follow to get the most out of your business profile. For example, photos must be well-lit and have few to no filters. Keep these guidelines in mind to keep your business thriving.

If you’re unsure how to set up a Google business profile, Matthew Woodward’s SEO agency can help. They’ll ensure you have everything you need to grow your company and see positive trends.

2) Have a Glowing Reputation

When customers find your business online, you want them to see all your excellent reviews. Gain good reviews by providing a perfect product and attentive customer service.

When you do get a new customer, encourage them to review your business online. One way to do this is to hand out cards printed with your business name and a QR code leading to a review page. This makes it easy for your customers to give their opinion on the service you offer.

3) Keep an Active Social Media Profile

Keeping your business’s social media pages active is not only vital for your continued success, but it’s also fun! Setting up polls related to your services or product, answering your follower’s questions, and hosting competitions are friendly and entertaining ways to drive more traffic to your business.

Search engines, particularly Google, prioritize pages with an engaging and active social media presence. Challenge yourself to post at least once a day to give your followers something to look forward to.

4) Test Out a Local SEO Audit

An SEO audit shows you just how well your site and information are performing on search engines. Using a local SEO audit is a great way to see how you compare to competitor sites and check if you’re business is reaching your target audience.

An SEO audit will also show your online rankings. This is a great way to assess the changes you need to make to move up the list of results on a search engine.

5) Use High-Quality Internal Links

High-quality internal links show a search engine what the nature of your business is about and how it relates to other similar businesses. The right internal links allow your page to come up in search results before others.

High-quality internal links include government websites and sites that relate directly to the product or service you’re selling. However, you should always make sure you don’t accidentally link to a competitor’s site!

With the help of a reputable SEO agency, you can learn more about proper internal linking, gaining increased site traffic, and how to use SEO to your advantage.

6) Ensure All Your Details Are Up-to-Date

When a customer wants to try out a new business but can’t see its address or opening times online it’s incredibly frustrating. Not knowing where you’re based or if you’re open or closed is enough to deter a new customer from checking out your business. You can avoid this negative issue by keeping all your business details up-to-date and easy to read.

Your business name, address, and opening times should be the first thing customers see when they find you online. Your business contact details must also be very easy to find so that your customers can get in touch as they please.

7) Be Mobile Friendly

Your customers are very likely to be using their mobile to search for local businesses more than their laptops. Ensuring your website is mobile-friendly means the information within it is accurate and easily readable on a mobile screen.

If your customers can’t find your location, reviews, and products easily on your mobile site, they’ll give up looking and you’ll lose out on potential business. The best way to make sure your site is mobile-friendly is to simply check it out yourself, making any necessary changes based on its appearance.

8) Keep an Eye On Local Trends

Noticing local trends and the needs of your community can determine what kind of content you post. You can tailor the products and services you’re selling based on what’s happening in your neighborhood for better business growth.

For example, if there’s about to be a game day in your area and you’re a local restaurant, build your posts around providing healthy snacks to your community team. Doing so will build brand loyalty and also get your business seen by local people.

9) Be Active Locally

When you engage with the community around you, you’ll instantly receive PR for your business. Use local events like races or sports days to get your name out there by sponsoring an athlete or the event as a whole.

You should also use local media outlets to get your name out there. If you have a new product or service to show off as part of your business, see if you can score an interview with a local paper. Your interview will be advertised on the media outlet’s social pages, making it easier for people to find and remember your business name.

Follow These Local SEO Tips For Growth

If you’re a small or local business, you know how difficult it is to compete with bigger competition. By following the above local SEO tips, you’ll not only generate more interest in what you have to offer. You’ll also make it easier for locals to support a smaller business.

By being active in your community and keeping your information accurate, you’ll see great improvements in your sales. Being online is important for all businesses nowadays, so get ahead of the game with these SEO tools.

For more advice on growing your business, check out our other posts!

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