5 Most Expensive English Movies of All Time

The film industry has produced some truly wonderful pieces of art over the decades. As technology improves, films begin to look better and better. However, there are some films where the cost is plain to see. From the special effects, to the costuming, to the talent on screen, many of the most expensive films obviously have had quite a bit of work put into them. In this article, we would like to look at some of the most expensive English-language films of all time.

Spectre (2015)

James Bond is one of the most profitable and successful English franchises of all time. Ian Fleming’s superspy character has won the hearts and minds of the global population, not just in literature, but in film as well. 

In 2006, Daniel Craig first put on the suit of the iconic character. Casino Royale was a massive success, portraying Bond’s penchant for gambling. Of course, gambling is a practice that goes back to the oldest human civilization, and the industry continues to thrive to this day.

However, by the release of 2015 Spectre, most people had already moved on to the online casino industry. Gambling has never been easier. Fans can now play their favorite games from the comfort of their own home. Which is why Spectre moved away from the gambling aspect, and focused on the super spy part of the film.

The budget for Spectre reached close to $250 million. It is the 32nd most expensive film of all time, exceeding the budget of notable films like Avatar, the Transformers films, and the Men in Black franchise.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)

J. K. Rowling’s fantasy novel series won the hearts and minds of generations. The tale of Harry Potter is still one of the most profitable franchises of all time, and remains a best-seller even today. Therefore, it is no surprise that films were not far behind.

Considering the success of the books, it is not surprising that the film franchise was also a massive success. However, none of the Harry Potter films reached the cost of the Half-Blood Prince. the six installment in the franchise.

The sixth part of the series follows Harry in his sixth year at Hogwarts. He has to deal with new teachers, past troubles, and the death of a loved one. While all of this is happening, his friendship with Ron and Hermione is being tested by their budding romance. 

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is one of the most beloved parts of the franchise, and to many, it is no surprise that this is the film that ended up costing the most to make. It is an excellent romp through Potter’s magical world, and a fine addition to the franchise. 

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (2008 – )

In 2008, Marvel Studios released their first ever film. Iron Man starred Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, a young, genius, entrepreneur with brilliant business ideas and a penchant for flamboyance. However, after a kidnapping attempt goes wrong, Tony Stark becomes Iron Man, a hero dedicated to saving the world. 

When Iron Man was first announced, nobody could have predicted the impact the film would have. Its success led to sequels, spin-offs, and ultimately, an entire universe based around the film’s world. Nowadays, there aren’t very many people who have not seen a Marvel movie, or who aren’t familiar with the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

A look at the most expensive films of all time would show several films from the Avengers franchise in the top ten, including Infinity War, Endgame and Age of Ultron. The franchise has spanned television, comic books, and even streaming, and is probably the most popular franchise in the world today.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

In the 1990s, Steven Spielberg’s iconic film, Jurassic Park, won the hearts of millions of people all over the world. At the time, Jurassic Park was one of the most expensive and high-quality films of all time. So, it only makes sense that now, years later, its sequel would hold the number two most expensive film title.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in their continuing adventure in the Jurassic World. They have to deal with the encroaching dinosaur problem, as politicians continuously try to use the research for their own benefits. 

The film was mostly filmed in the United Kingdom, and first hit the cinemas in 2018. It quickly became the highest grossing film of the year, justifying its immense, $432 million budget. Currently, it is the second most expensive film ever made. Which begs the question; which film holds the number one spot?

The Star Wars Franchise (1977 – )

In 1977, George Lucas’ science fantasy masterpiece hit cinemas. At the time, most people knew it simply as Star Wars. Today, however, Star Wars is a term that encompasses a multi-media franchise, ranging from films, to TV series, to animated shows, to video games, to comic books, and even novels. What is most impressive is that George Lucas accomplished this incredible feat on an incredibly low budget.

But, if that is the case, what is Star Wars doing on this list? Well, as many of you may know, in the 2010s, the franchise was bought by Disney, and rebooted for a new audience. The first film of the “sequel trilogy” released in 2015 to great success.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens had a budget of $447 million. The film boasted incredible special effects, gorgeous cinematography, incredible action scenes, and a wonderful cast of characters, new and old. It made over $2 billion in the box office, earning back its incredibly high budget multiple times over. 

TFA tells the story of Rey, a new Jedi who meets up with Han Solo, and learns a lot more about the greater universe. She faces off against the nefarious Kylo Ren, who has uncovered the hidden powers of the dark side, which many believed died with Darth Vader.

In the eyes of many, the film simply rethreads old grounds. However, most fans adored the movie, and were quite excited for where the new characters would go. The franchise is still going strong with TV shows like The Mandalorian and Endor.

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