Young Individuals are Heavily Affected by Influencers

A new survey conducted by American Wunderman Thompson Commerce shows that 55 percent of young people ages 6-16 state that they would like to buy a product if they see their favorite influencer use or wear it.

The report also shows the great influence that social media has on today’s young people, for example, 57 percent of respondents state that they want to buy products they have seen advertised on Instagram.

The survey also shows that videos are the most influential content (24 percent) on the web to influence young shoppers’ purchase decisions, followed by social media (19 percent) and TV ads (19 percent).

Among e-commerce companies, Amazon is the most well-known and liked brand, as many as 90 percent of 13 to 16-year-olds said they were familiar with the company, along with 74 percent of six to nine-year-olds. This translates into real purchases, 26 percent say they make most of their purchases from Amazon, only supermarkets are more popular.

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