What is Telegram Messaging App?

Chances are, you have heard of the Telegram app before. But Telegram is not as big as Whatsapp or Facebook, nor has it existed as long as those apps.

In terms of layout, Telegram works much like Whatsapp. You do not need to register an account, it is enough to enter your mobile number. You then use the mobile’s contact list and can immediately communicate with the friends who also use Telegram.

Telegram can of course be used for regular chat between two people, but it is also possible to use it for voice and video calls. It is also possible to communicate with larger groups.

Telegram also recently had a quiz function. The idea is that teachers should be able to easily create quizzes, but the function is of course open to everyone. Another novelty is a sticker library with around 20,000 images that can be sent.

Telegram also attract users with enhanced security. All messages are encrypted and it is possible to create extra secure chats where messages are deleted automatically when they are read.

However, it is important to remember that Telegram, which was developed by two Russian brothers, has also been criticized for its security, among other things, the encryption technology has been questioned. Just like with similar services, you need to give the app access to a lot of information in your mobile, such as the contact list and your files.

How Telegram works

1. Menu

Open up the app’s menu, where you will find all the settings, among other things.

2. Search

Search among your contacts, or among channels you want to follow.

3. List

Here your contacts are displayed and by pressing a conversation is displayed.

4. New

Create a new message.

5. Return

Return to the home page with the arrow.

6. Voice calls

Press top right to start a video call and do something else in the conversation.

7. Type…

Write a text message and insert emojis.

8.… and attach

You can also attach photos, movies, current location and more in your chat.

9. Dark mode

Switch between light and dark mode on the background colors.

10. Group discussion

You can start chat groups with multiple participants.

11. Secret chat

Create a secret chat that you can, among other things, delete automatically.

How to install Telegram

Open Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (Iphone / Ipad) and search for Telegram. Press Install and then select Open. A guide will now appear presenting the app.

After scrolling through it, press Start Messaging and accept that Telegram has access to, for example, your telephone app.

Telegram is linked to your telephone number, so no separate registration is required. Just fill in the mobile number you have in the phone where you installed the app and you will receive an SMS with a code. Fill it in the Telegram app, enter your name and accept the terms.

A mobile number is therefore required to be able to run Telegram.

How do I add contacts on Telegram?

To keep in touch with your friends, Telegram is linked to the mobile’s contact list. The first time you create a message, you must therefore give the app the right to access the information. When you do, those of your friends who run Telegram appear in the app’s list.

Is Telegram available for the computer?

Telegram is available not only for Android and iOS but also as a program for Windows, Linux and Mac – and as an add-on to the Chrome browser. You can find all downloads at www.telegram.org/apps.

If you want to avoid installing any programs, you can browse to web.telegram.org. Fill in your mobile number and press Next and you will receive a code as an SMS to the mobile. Enter it in the correct field and you will access Telegram via this particular browser.

How do I start a quiz on Telegram?

Do you want to use the new quiz feature? Just tap the magnifying glass on the home page and search for Quiz Bot.

Now a new conversation opens and by pressing Start you get step by step start your quiz.

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