What is Networking in Business?

Build a strong network to rely on.

As an entrepreneur, it is important to have a strong network – a “database” of individuals and organizations to turn to for tips and help in solving various kinds of challenges and obstacles that you may encounter when running a business.

Even in private, it is good to have a strong network of people who can support one through good advice and feedback.

When you need something – for example help finding a new home or a room for the company you plan to start, you can use your network to get in touch with the right channels and people to seek out. As an entrepreneur you can also get new customers and suppliers through their network – positive word of mouth is the best advertising!

Tips for building a strong network

Networking involves making contacts that you can turn to in the future to handle different kinds of challenges. A strong network is based on mutual trust – the individuals in your network must be able to rely on you to want to benefit you when you ask for help. You also have to be able to rely on those you turn to to solve such challenges and obstacles that you can face in your everyday life – both in private and in working life.

How do I strengthen my network?

Have you already established a good network to help with various aspects of both private and working life? Then it’s just to congratulate – a large circle of friends and many contacts to be trusted means you are prepared to face new challenges that are presented to you.

As with most relationships in our lives, a network must also be maintained and not taken for granted in order for it to last. Continuously trying to strengthen your network is thus important, which can to some extent be done through the social media “LinkedIn.”

Here are three tips for strengthening the network you already have:

  • Optimize your own profile.
  • Develop networks through groups on LinkedIn.
  • Recommend others.

1. Optimize your own profile

Every day, thousands of searches are made on LinkedIn where people with specific skills are in demand.

If you want to be found through searches, then it is important to clearly convey your knowledge and what you are specifically good at, to signal your qualifications to potential clients, customers and other stakeholders of your business. Strive to stand out from the crowd!

Optimize your own as well as your company profile by summarizing what you offer in a simple sentence to use as a sub-heading to your profile on LinkedIn. Who are you? Who do you turn to? What do you have to offer?

2. Develop networks through groups on LinkedIn

On LinkedIn as well as on Facebook there is the opportunity to create business pages. Unfortunately, these sites unfortunately do not offer such advanced opportunities for reaching out to potential clients. Thus, it is a good idea for you to spend your time on LinkedIn instead of making contacts within different groups.

By going through group directories you can find the groups that are best for you and your company. After you have been approved as a member of the group or groups you consider interesting, you can start talking to the other members.

Build trust by starting discussions and answering questions, and note within which groups your desirable customers are located. Once you have learned more about how groups on LinkedIn work, you can start your own group and thus open up opportunities for sending mail to all members of the group and start discussions on topics that you consider important.

3. Recommend others

If you are particularly satisfied with a product or service you have purchased, it may be a good idea to give the person who satisfied you with this a recommendation on LinkedIn. Positive recommendations increase the confidence of a person, which increases the likelihood of being contacted.

In the true spirit of services and gene services, your recommendation by another person may lead him or her to recommend you back. Thus, through a strong network you can earn good points with regard to positive word of mouth, which greatly enhances your and your company’s performance.

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