What Can You as a Customer Buy When it Comes to Influencer Marketing?

What Can You as a Customer Buy When it Comes to Influencer Marketing?

A challenge we have discovered in many customers of influencer marketing is an uncertainty about what it means to buy. What services are included? And what do they include? Here we answer all thoughts about what you can buy within the framework of influencer marketing.

Before we get into this topic, we want to add a little passage first. When you as a customer are to buy influencer marketing, the most important thing is that there is a thorough and approved agreement by both parties where all conditions and specified.

An influencer must have clear knowledge of what is expected and a customer must not have any uncertainties about what is included in the agreement and what is not. It must include definitions of the content, details about the distribution and production and specify the fee and which key figures are used.

Different types of collaborations in influencer marketing

A common collaboration with an influencer

The most common type of influencer marketing works as a collaboration between an advertiser and an influencer. There, the advertiser hires an influencer to post agreed things on the platforms where the influencer is active during a specified period, either in the form of time or a specific campaign period. It can be anything from a blog to a YouTube channel, Instagram or any other channel.

An ambassadorship

When you hire an influencer for an ambassadorship, it means that you start a collaboration for a longer period.

It is usually about at least six months in the future. During an ambassadorship, the influencer exclusively represents your brand (within your genre or industry) during the specified period.

Concept development

For the most part, it is also possible to buy ideas and concept development from an influencer and his team. This is because the influencer himself is an expert on his followers and thus your target group. This means that he or she has a completely different insight into which messages and which packaging would work.

One or more events

If you plan to market yourself through one or more events, you can hire an influencer to host the event. In addition, you can pay for the influencer to invite all their followers to the event to fill it with your target audience.


You can buy licensing or association value from an influencer. It is suitable if you are going to produce, for example, a collection of some kind. Then the influencer can either name the collection or be involved in designing a product.

Do you have more questions or do you still feel unsure about what a purchase could include? Get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to answer your questions.


If your marketing campaign is just about releasing material in your own channels, you can instead hire an influencer to participate in your content. After that, you own the material and publish it in your channels.


Last but not least, another thing you can buy within the framework of influencer marketing is pure and simple time. This means that you pay for the working time it takes for all the different preparations that the campaign requires and finally also the actual production time.

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