What are the Benefits of Ambassadorship?

What are the Benefits of Ambassadorship?

In influencer marketing, ambassadorship has been and has been a hot topic for a long time now. Therefore, we thought we would take the opportunity in this article to sort out all the questions about ambassadorship and also tell you what benefits there are to using it!

To begin with, many would probably say that all influencer marketing is some kind of ambassadorship. And that’s not entirely untrue.

But, when we talk about it in this article and in the industry, we are referring to a long-term collaboration between an influencer and a brand that runs for at least six months. In addition, that collaboration includes an exclusivity that other collaborations do not necessarily do. But more on this below!

An ambassador humanizes your brand

By finding an influencer who stands for the same values ​​as your company and whose followers represent your target group, you get an opportunity to humanize your brand. Even more if the influencer is industry-specific.

This is very simplified but just to give an example you can choose a football player if you are going to sell football shoes and so on. During that time, the influencer can not represent any other football brand.

It is cost effective

If you compare a short-term collaboration with an influencer with an ambassadorship, you will notice quite quickly that it is cost-effective.

Especially if you want to build your brand over time. But also because for a long time a strong bond is built up between the influencer and your brand.

This means that the person will be associated with your business for a long time to come. Probably much longer than the ambassadorship itself runs.

You get results but can lean back

One of the things we usually talk about when it comes to ambassadorship and also influencer marketing in general is to trust the influencer’s own instincts. When you work with an influencer for as long as an ambassadorship means, you will get to know each other very well.

This means that greater trust will be built and you will be able to trust that the influencer knows what to do and you can let go of control and sit back.

You can use ambassadorship both to drive sales and build a brand

We always talk about you exploring influencers based on your company’s own values. What you want to convey must match what the influencer conveys because that is how you build your brand.

Ambassadorship is usually highlighted as an advantageous alternative if you just want to build a brand over time. But, by choosing an influencer with a high conversion rate in your particular industry, you can drive fast sales as well.

So there are a lot of benefits to being an ambassador. It is especially advantageous for you who have a greater need for security. If trust is important to you, an ambassadorship is clearly a good choice.

This does not mean that trust does not exist in all types of collaborations, but an ambassadorship requires a closer relationship and thus creates conditions for greater security.

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