The Rapid Growth Of Influencer Marketing (Infographic)

 The Rapid Growth Of Influencer Marketing (Infographic)

Influencer marketing has in only a few years become a hot topic, and it feels like everywhere we go, we hear about influencer marketing’s incredible growth, without actually knowing what it really means, and what kind of numbers we are talking about.

Just as an example, the phrase “influencer marketing” has seen a 325% increase in searches over the last couple months. On Google alone.

We are also seeing a clear sign of influencer marketing growth as more and more brands are implementing influencer marketing into their marketing strategies, and having a reserved budget for it. 67% of marketers reports that they will increase their budget for influencer marketing over the next 12 months, while just 4% report that they will decrease their influencer marketing budget.

With the statistics from this infographic, you can draw a lot of conclusions. Influencer marketing has gone from being a luxury for only a small fraction of brands to be a necessity for all brands. It is very clear that brands are abandoning less effective marketing sources such as Television ads, where the cost is high and you have next to zero option in who you’re going to target your ad with – and any evaluation of how many actually see it.

As the popularity of influencer marketing is growing, so will the possibilities of evaluating your influencer marketing campaigns.

For example, in the dawn of influencer marketing, brands had to actively search for suitable influencers all by themselves, which was a very time-consuming and effort-demanding task.

But now, however, there is Veloce Influencer Network, which has gathered thousands of the leading influencers dedicated for small and mid-sized business.

In just seconds, you can filter influencers based on your preferred criteria, we run a laser targeted search for influencers who meet your criteria and then not even a second later, you’ll be presented with recommendations of influencers based on the criteria you chose.

The Veloce Network Influencer Directory lets you filter influencers on Instagram, Twitter, Blog, YouTube and Facebook, Country, Niche and gender.

All of this so you can find an influencer that meets all your preferred criteria and so you get the higher ROI possible by reaching your target audience.

The Rise of Influencer Marketing

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