Reuse influencer-content, the three hottest strategies!

Reuse influencer content, the three hottest strategies!

Companies continue to spend more and more on Influencer marketing and budgets are growing every year. Many companies are very happy with the results they can see, but what else can be done to get the most out of their investment?

Influencers are fantastic creators, photographers, stylists and brainstormers with black belts in content creation. When brands make collaborations with Influencers, of course, a lot of nice and interesting content of high quality is created, of course this should be used to the max. We have previously written about how you as a company can maximize your ROI when it comes to marketing, and this time we will dive deeper into how to reuse the material from Influencer collaborations and take advantage of it in new contexts. How do you use Influencers content when the collaboration is over?

How do other companies use influencer content?

Bloglovin has conducted a survey to see how companies use Influencer content. Below is a list of the three most popular strategies among the companies surveyed;

  • 74% of the companies in the survey state that they share Influencer content in their own social media. The benefits of this are many. It is partly a simple and smart tip as the content created is designed to fit in just social media. An Influencer with your target group as a follower most likely knows what type of content goes home, how it should be designed and what is appreciated, in each channel. By republishing Influencer’s material, you as a company can therefore be confident that it is relevant content that appeals to the target group in the right way. The other big bonus is that you continue to spin on the collaboration with the Influencer and continue to be associated with it. When Influencers collaborates, brands also automatically end up in their trust and they are verified as attractive brands, something there is a huge power in!
  • 46% of the companies surveyed state that they use Influencer content on their own sites to boost them with good content. Consumers today are sensitive to content that feels far too advertising or angled and polished, which their own product images and ads from companies like to do. A good idea is to use Influencer content to give the content a more personal feeling. Continuing to push for Influencer collaborations is of course also a good idea to raise the status of the brand and exercise the right of association with influencers.
  • 36% state that they use Influencer content when creating purchased ads on social media. This is of course a smart tip for those who want to test themselves with purchased ads. One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to designing these ads is that the content should be perceived as a natural element of the consumer flow, so using an Influencer’s content is a smart shortcut!

There are, of course, a lot of smart uses for all this great content, perhaps for newsletters and campaign mailings or for inspirational images in stores. The possibilities are endless, so think creatively and do not miss the chance to reuse it on several levels and channels. Always double check beforehand if it is okay with the influencer that you use the pictures, then only the imagination can stop you. Long live nice content!

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