Networking at Your Workplace: How to!

Understanding how to network in the best possible way at one’s workplace can be more important than one can often believe.

Having a good education and high competence is not the only thing that is important for being able to develop in your career, but it is also extremely important to have a good network of contacts and it is important to know that it can really boost your entire career.

Today, many people become employees because they have been recommended by others. Of course, networking is not always straightforward, so it may be necessary to understand how to go about it in order to truly succeed in the best possible way and how to actually network at work?

Everyone can network

It may feel difficult to start networking but it is not at all impossible and everyone can do it only they are willing to fight for their career, it only takes a little courage and will. Networking can be done everywhere, from different places in everyday life to work.

Get in touch with the children’s teachers or why not a completely foreign person out on the town? It may feel uncomfortable at first but will be worth it in the long run.

Remember that almost all contacts are good contacts but good for different reasons. Networking at work may at first feel a little unfamiliar but not at all complicated.

The best way to start networking in your workplace is to try to get to know as many people as possible.

A good first step is to ask if a colleague wants to have lunch and then it can be smart to ask a new colleague every day.

If you work in a larger workplace, it may be good to ask someone who works in a completely different department about lunch, someone you have never talked to before. When you have lunch with the person, there are a few things to keep in mind.

* Ask for help but also offer help. Being generous will benefit one’s own network, which means that not only should you network to get something out of it yourself, but you should also wish that things are going well for others in their professional role. If you are generous, chances are that others will want to be generous in the future. It is necessary to give and receive both in order to succeed.

* Ask questions. Just talking about yourself is never good. Everyone wants to be seen and therefore you should ask questions and show interest to the person you are networking with. It is also good to have different people in their network so do not be afraid to network with different kinds of people, because you can learn a lot from each other despite your differences.

* Show competence. Showing what you can do yourself, what you have succeeded in your workplace and what you have to offer in the future is important when networking with spirit and will be what you gain in the long run.

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