List of 10 Social Media Beauty Influencers You Should Know About

List of 10 Social Media Beauty Influencers You Should Know About

Looking for beauty influencers to promote your brand? Struggle to find suitable ones? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

In fact, 73% of marketers say finding the right influencers is the hardest part of influencer marketing.

And it’s not strange that finding good influencers is a big challenge for marketers when there are so many things that have to be right with an influencer before you work with them. If you want to generate the best results possible, that it.

The influencers need to have a high engagement so people actually care about what it is they share, they need to have a real influence over people so that people actually listen to the influencer and want to do what they do, they can’t have fake followers that resembles real influence but actually isn’t, they need to be in the same industry as you, they need to have a following that is also your target audience.

Are you starting to get a headache?

Yes, I know. When looking for influencers, there is a lot to think about, and when you’re trying to find them manually, it can feel like an impossible task.

Luckily for you, I’ve gathered this list of 10 fitness influencer. All influencers are extracted using our influencer directory that allows you to filter among 3,000+ influencers based on your preferred criteria. How does this help you with all of the requirements mentioned above, you may ask?

Well, the Veloce influencer directory is not like other directories. Instead, all influencers in our directory are carefully controlled and selected by our team – one by one. In other words, all influencers are checked so that they meet our strict demands – some of them mentioned above.

Take a look at this list of 10 fitness influencers and see if you find someone that suits your brand. If not, explore our FREE Directory Demo and see if it suits your needs.

1. Gemma Isabella – @gemmaisabellamakeup

Social media beauty influencer

2. Olivia Emily – @oliviaemilyx

FREE list of social media influencers

3. Foinika Kay – @exteriorglam

10 Social media influencers

4. ivana kordic – @ivanakorda

List of 10 Social Media Beauty Influencers You Should Know About

5. Mascha Feoktistova – @beautygloss

10 social media beauty influencers

6. Raquel – @mitacondequitaypon

List of 10 Social Media Beauty Influencers You Should Know About

7. Jadene Munson – @jademunster

Beauty influencers on social media

8. Brittany Bear – @brittanybearmakeup

Social meidia beauty influencers

9. Tree Ma – @treemachannel

How to find social media influencers

10. Karolina Maria – @karolinagriciute

List of social media influencers

Did you find any influencers suitable for your needs?

If you need help finding influencers or want to know more about the Veloce influencer directory, feel free to contact me at

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